Integrational project “Get involved in Multiculturalism” during 2019-2020

The project of Foundation Ukraine “Get involved in Multiculturalism” is the new wave of integrational events, focused on creating a multicultural society. The initiative, which is aimed to provide equal participation of migrants in the local community, will be coordinated by Olena Astakhova – the head of the promotion department in Foundation Ukraine.  

The project is concentrated on young migrants aged 14-25 who live in Wroclaw.

“Get involved in Multiculturalism” is a full packed project of workshops, lectures, integrational meetings, master-classes, and dance lessons which will be organized from October 2019 till May 2020.

Goals of the project

The main goal of the project “Get involved in multiculturalism” is the integration of migrants with Polish society.

These are also additional goals that are planned to reach:

  • The support of dialogue between different social groups;
  • Implementation of the new educational methods for young people, that will help them to learn methods of digital storytelling;
  • Involving migrants to the social life of Wroclaw;
  • Creating a database of integrational materials with general access;
  • Attracting the attention of NGOs and state institutions to the problems of the integration of migrants.  

Activities and events

The target audience of the project is young people. That’s why events that are planned in the project include the interests and needs of modern youngsters. Due to the popularity of social media and constant need of modern society in creating and posting content there, seminars about video making and video editing are also included in the project. Directing skills are useful not only for creating attractive content in social media but also for developing our imagination and creativeness.  

During the project, there will be also organized dance flash mobs “Dance with us”. An August flash mob gathered a lot of dance lovers in one place and what is more, it encouraged people from different countries to ruin stereotypes by doing one thing together. Two next flash mobs are aimed to gather even more dance lovers and involve more citizens to take part in events that promote integration with migrants. 

By being in a multicultural environment on a day-to-day basis, we have a unique opportunity to train language skills. Therefore, the project “Get involved in Multiculturalism” will also include meetings of the English Speaking Club where you will be able to discuss different aspects of migrants’ life in Poland. Participants will be able to share their experience of integration, get acquainted with new people and also improve your practical skills of the Polish language. 

We are proud of the project “Get involved in Multiculturalism” and have already started to work on some future projects. If you would like to know more about events in this project, follow our Facebook pages “Fundacja Ukraina” and “CUKR” and sign up to our newsletter.