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Our Foundation was created to meet the needs of an intercultural environment that forms an integral part of Lower Silesia. We therefore always act within and for multicultural communities, in a spirit of openness, tolerance and respect for cultural diversity. Willingness of constant development, search for new perspectives and solutions determine our work, hence, we are eager to cooperate internationally. Exchange of good practices with our transnational partners allows us to perform our mission efficiently and provides inspiration and experience, which undoubtedly improves adaptation of actions to the reality of intercultural society in our region.

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We specialise in implementation of local, governmental and UE projects that are addressed to migrants, public institutions, NGOs, educational facilities, local community and business.

Our activity covers the following areas:

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Intercultural Integration


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International Cooperation

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Human Rights


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We have been hosting 3 Ukrainian volunteers within the project, who support particular departments of the Foundation. 

The main objective of the project is to act towards national and ethnical minorities, as well as regional language and integration of foreigners. The implemented activities strengthen an attitude of openness and alleviate negative social mood in regard to migration. Additionally, they boost cooperation of Ukrainian minority and newly-arrived Ukrainians in Wrocław to preserve their tradition and identity. The initiative also aims to integrate immigrants with the local community by carrying out consultations at the info desk for new residents of Wrocław, conducting training, meetings, and providing support in legal and administrative issues for outlanders. Moreover, we organise workshops, language clubs and tandem meetings, cultural events, educational and integrational trips for children, youth and adults, as well as Skorovoda Fest.

Within the project, 3 Ukrainian volunteers were able to develop their skills at the Foundation’s InfoPoint as well as in the Project Department. 

We received volunteers from Ukraine, Georgia, Czech Republic and Lithuania that provided assistance to our information desk, were involved in organisation of integration meetings and conducted language speaking classes in English, Polish and Ukrainian.  

Within the project, we hosted two volunteers from Ukraine, who supported the organisation of consultations for migrants, helped in  preparation of adaptation and integration events, language speaking clubs, workshops, classes for migrant children and multicultural festivals.

The initiative aimed to provide information support to Ukrainian citizens and other immigrants based in Wrocław through training, lectures and group work. During the period of project’s implementation, six training sessions were carried out regarding: legalisation of work and stay in Poland, opportunities to search, rent or buy an apartment, contact with Polish institutions and filling out the documents, establishing and running a company. Moreover, two integration meetings were organised for the participants. 

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