Internship at the
Ukraine Foundation!

What is practice?

Practice is a period of practical training and gaining experience in a particular profession. Its purpose is to show students how work in an organization or company really looks like, to acquaint them with responsibilities and tasks and to give them the opportunity to gain experience in a specific field. At the Foundation Ukraine you can do unpaid practices in the departments of administration, project management, marketing, law, education and integration.

Why should you choose the Foundation Ukraine for your practice?

The practise at the Foundation Ukraine offers many advantages and opens new opportunities. Everyone who joins our team, in addition to the friendly atmosphere and the Foundation T-shirt, can boast about:


  • internship agreement and opinion for the resume;
  • free participation in all our events and projects;
  • constant self-development and the opportunity to implement their own ideas;
  • cooperation with a well-coordinated team, experts in their field;
  • Acquisition of new skills and competencies

How to become our trainee?


Interested in an internship at the Ukraine Foundation?

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