The main idea

The reSTART project is the result of establishing cross-sectoral cooperation between  non-governmental organizations, local authorities and business for the intercultural integration of migrants from third countries with the host society


The project is directed to:

Third-country nationals residing legally in Lower Silesia 


Host society, in particular local employers, teachers, students and their parents


Professionals who are working with migrants on a daily basis


Aims of the project

  1. Strengthening the integration process of third-country nationals residing in Lower Silesia
  2. Support for self-empowerment and professional activation of third-country nationals
  3. Increasing the language, cultural, professional and social competences of third-country nationals
  4. Raising awareness of cultural diversity and its benefits as well as increasing intercultural contact among members of the local community
  5. Allowing broad access to integration services, free advices and information help to all interested foreigners from third countries residing in Lower Silesia
  6. Increasing legal competence and awareness as well as knowledge of the host country’s norms and customs through an offer of activities introducing foreigners to the principles functioning in Poland
  7. Prevention of discrimination and cultural conflicts in schools
  8. Strengthening activities for the adaptation of third-country nationals residing in Lower Silesia and achieving synergy thanks to the establishment of cross-sectoral partnership (power – business – NGO)

Presenting you reSTART's booklet!

Legalization of stay in Poland

Legalization of work in Poland

Higher education system in Poland

Educational materials



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    Załącz plik
    - Wyrażam zgodę na przetwarzanie moich danych osobowych, zgodnie z Ustawą z dnia 29 sierpnia 1997 r, o ochronie danych osobowych.
        (Dz. U. 1997 r. Nr 133, poz. 883 z późn. zm.)*
    - Wyrażam zgodę na otrzymywanie informacji handlowych za pomocą środków komunikacji elektronicznej, zgodnie z Ustawą
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    Completion date of the project: 01.01.2020 – 30.09.2022