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As of 31.12.2022 22:00 we have raised:
7 083 145,69 PLN 85%


As of 31.12.2022 22:00 we have spent:
6 950 012,36 PLN 98%
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Foundation Ukraine, in agreement with the Mayor of Wrocław Jacek Sutryk, launched a fundraising to support Ukraine during the war with Russia! ⚔️

The funds raised will be allocated to support Ukraine and the needs of refugees from Ukraine. Every donation counts – thank you for your support and all kinds of help!
Below are the details of the accounts that were created to collect donations:

🔗 Currency: PLN
🔗 IBAN: PL 39 1090 2398 0000 0001 4980 4904

Currency: EURO
🔗 IBAN: PL85 1090 2398 0000 0001 4935 4384
🔗 Currency: USD
🔗 IBAN: PL62 1090 2398 0000 0001 4983 8634
🔗 Name bank: Santander Bank Polska S.A.
🔗 Bank address: st. Jana Pawła II 17, 00-854 Warsaw
🔗 Bank country Poland

🔗 Account owner: Foundation Ukraine

❗️ DONATION TITLE: donation, SaveUkraine”

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10 stages of request realisation for humanitarian aid for Ukraine

10 stages of request realization for humanitarian aid for Ukraine, which Foundation Ukraine receives from you

For the sake of security, guarantees of receipt of cargo by the host party and transparency of the transportation system, we have developed a mandatory scheme for announcing and executing orders within the framework of the “SAVE UKRAINE” campaign:

1️⃣  Declaring a need for mail 💌

If you are in Ukraine, you need humanitarian, medical or military aid – send an official request from the regional state administration, military unit, territorial defense, hospital or other official organizations according to the application form below:

🔗  Instructions and form of declaration of needs:

🔗  Instructions for the recipient:

❗️❗️❗️The application must be sent ONLY BY MAIL to the Aid Coordinator by mail:❗️❗️❗️

2️⃣  Request verification✅

After receiving a request, the coordinator checks the data specified in it and contacts the author of the application to clarify the details.

3️⃣  Adding to the general database of requests 📊

Then your request gets into the general database of announcements of the action “SAVE UKRAINE”, which are considered and implemented in turn in accordance with our financial, logistical and resource capabilities📊

We remind you that we are a non-profit organization that does not have its own budget for crisis situations  and we raise funds through our own efforts. We thank all our partners and individual donors who donate money to us and support Ukraine in these difficult times.

Follow the link to find the details of our fundraiser – we will be grateful for your help in distributing:

4️⃣  Implementation of the application – search and purchase 🔍

At the stage of the order realization we transfer the needs stated in the request  to the coordinator of purchases who looks for necessary things and forms the order.

⏰  Approximate time of order fulfillment:

🍏 Humanitarian aid: 3-9 days (depending on occupancy and availability of transport)

🛡 Military equipment: 7-14 days (depending on availability, delivery time to us and accessibility of transport)

💊 Medicines: 5-10 days (depending on availability, delivery times to us and availability of transport)

5️⃣  Delivery of the application to the warehouse of the Foundation Ukraine ✈️

The ordered goods arrive at our warehouse, where a team of volunteers is working on its further distribution.

6️⃣  Packing and loading the order 📦

Orders are securely packaged, labeled, grouped and shipped by truck for resource efficiency.

7️⃣  Transportation of the order to the transport hub in Lviv 🚚

Our trucks travel from Wroclaw to the transport hub in Lviv by a green corridor.

8️⃣  Transfer of cargo to the authorized consignee ♻️

Cargo in Lviv is accepted by authorized recipients, who were specified in the application for humanitarian aid.

9️⃣  Cargo transportation to different cities of Ukraine ️

The next stage is the transportation of orders to different parts of Ukraine from which the order was received. IMPORTANTLY! The customer party itself provides the authorized person and the transport of the order from Lviv to the destination of the cargo, given the difficult situation at transport hubs in Ukraine.

🔟  Receipt of cargo and report on receipt of the order 📸

After the aid is delivered to the destination, the receiving party is obliged to make a photo confirmation of receipt of the cargo with a special card of the Foundation Ukraine, which we will add to the cargo from this week.

Thank you all for following the rules of implementation of declaration requests, systematic processes help us to perform work efficiently 🙏

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