The Wrocław Branch Group for Migration and Culturally Diverse Society is a space for local cooperation among organizations operating in the field of migration and interculturalism within the city and the region. The group works towards effectively integrating migrants into various socio-economic spheres of life.

Institute of Migrant Rights was established in response to the increasing percentage of migrants in the local community and their identified needs. By resolution dated December 22, 2020, IPM continues the development of the activities of the InfoPoint for Migrants, which was launched by Foundation Ukraine in 2017.

IPM activities focus on two main areas:

InfoPoint for migrants, and professional activity in the field of migration law and social integration.

Ukrainian Center of Culture and Development is one of the largest and most well-known projects launched by Foundation Ukraine. The Center was established on November 19, 2016, at 46A Ruska Street, and since then, it has been an open place for meetings and integration between the host and migrant communities of Wrocław.

Refugee Support Center was established at the Wrocław Railway Station, where Ukrainians fleeing the war were arriving in Poland to start a completely new stage in their lives.

Within our actions we have provided accommodation, hot meals, clothing, and essential supplies to hundreds of thousands of refugees. We’ve also launched round the clock service, seven days a week to ensure complete support for newcomer children and families.

SKOVORODA FEST is a festival organized since 2020 for the residents of Wrocław by Foundation Ukraine. The event serves as an opportunity for intercultural and creative integration of Wrocław residents, providing a chance to explore contemporary Ukrainian and Polish cultures and showcasing cultural initiatives emerging in Wrocław.

In response to the needs of children with refugee background, Foundation Ukraine has launched a long-term support program for the adaptation and education of Ukrainian pupils in Polish schools. Foundation Ukraine employs 50 intercultural assistants in over 30 schools in Lower Silesia. Schools in Wrocław, Dzierżoniów, Legnica, Świdnica, and Jelcz-Laskowice are covered by the care of the assistants.

The main goal of intercultural assistants is to support children and their parents at all stages of adaptation in Polish educational institutions.

Ability to speak Polish significantly increases the chances for adaptation in Polish society for migrants and refugees and helps them find employment more quickly.

Foundation Ukraine organizes free Polish language courses as part of its support for the integration, adaptation, and development of migrants and refugees living in Lower Silesia. Classes in groups with different levels of proficiency (from A1 to B2) are conducted by experienced lecturers from the University of Wrocław. The courses dure from 3 to 4 months (60 academic hours).

In 2022, we managed to organize 18 free Polish language courses for a total of 254 migrants and refugees. All classes were held offline in Wrocław.

Information about new language groups can be found on the Foundation Ukraine’s social media profiles.

Job Fairs is one of the Foundation Ukraine’s  projects aimed at providing foreigners residing in Lower Silesia with the opportunity to find financial stability and independence.

The goal of the job fairs is to create a common space for foreigners and refugees from Ukraine with various experiences and skills, seeking employment in Wrocław, as well as for local employers struggling with a shortage of workers.