June 2022


War doesn’t take a holiday! Summarizing the results of the Foundation Ukraine’s activity  within the SAVE UKRAINE campaign during June.

Summary of activities for June:

Volunteer Coordination

7000 volunteers

Volunteer Coordination 🆘 425 engaged volunteers

Since the beginning of the war, we’ve created a database with 7000 applications from potential volunteers. In June, 425 of them actively participated in the Foundation’s activities. Our volunteers engaged in organizing charity events and concerts, providing support in translations, aiding in refugee resettlement, offering psychological assistance, counseling, childcare during various integration events, helping at the humanitarian warehouse, and during Job Fairs for Migrants. Thank you to everyone for their dedicated time, help, and support 💙💛

Foundation Ukraine, as an organization designated by the voivode to coordinate activities at Wrocław Main Railway Station (PKP Wrocław), ensured support for volunteers in informational-reception points at the Main Station and in refugee dormitories.

Informational Support – 4109 consultations

In June, the professionals of our Institute of Migrant Rights provided informational support in terms of legalization and adaptation to over 4109 individuals, including:

✔️ 1560 in-person consultations, including:

✔️ 60 legal consultations,

✔️ 30 psychological consultations,

✔️ 20 integration-related consultations,

✔️ 1450 consultations at the IPM Information Point;

✔️ 2198 phone consultations,

✔️ responding to 171 emails,

✔️ providing over 180 informational advice on social networks.

Informational Support

over 4100 consultations

Funds Raised

over 567 040 PLN

During only one month, thanks to you, our partners, and donors, we managed to collect over 567,040 PLN! However, we have no intention of slowing down our assistance and ask the same from you! The full-scale war in Ukraine continues, and the risk of a humanitarian catastrophe due to ongoing hostilities and their consequences only grows – that’s why we must regularly provide help to bring our victory closer.

🙏 Thanks to the funds collected in June, we managed to purchase and send to Ukraine, among other things:

✔️ 3 drones worth over 90,000 PLN for the troops defending Ukraine in the directions of Kharkiv, Luhansk, and Donetsk.

✔️ An ambulance, MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER, worth 89,790 PLN for the Public Organization “All-Ukrainian Association “PATRIOT”.

✔️ Bushnell Fusion rangefinders, tactical vests, flashlights, ballistic glasses, and other equipment for the Ukrainian army with a total value of over 25,000 PLN.

You can view the detailed list of purchases at: https://tiny.pl/9knf4.

Partnership Events

During June 2022, with the support of Foundation Ukraine, three charitable events were held, where a total of 567.55 PLN was collected and transferred to the SAVE UKRAINE campaign’s account 💰

We extend immense gratitude to the organizers of these events, such as Capitol dla Ukrainy, wRock for Freedom, Grotowski Institute, and other organizations that conducted fundraising for us! 🙌

Wydarzenia partnerskie

Humanitarian Aid

over 33 pallets sent

Collection and shipment of humanitarian aid

As of June 30th, we’ve collected and dispatched humanitarian aid consisting of food, hygiene articles, clothing, medicines, and tactical equipment to cities such as Mykolaiv, Kropyvnytskyi, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Sumy, Mariupol, Chernihiv, Luhansk, and Zaporizhzhya.

📌 Specifically, we’ve sent:

✔️ 33 pallets to charitable organizations and local communities: for non-governmental organizations “Palyanytsya” (Zaporizhzhya), “Makovskyi Foundation” (Kropyvnytskyi), Charity Foundation BO “Switli Sprawy” in Mykolaiv

🚂 As partners of the “Railway Helps Ukraine” project, Foundation Ukraine has joined in delivering humanitarian aid via the railway corridor.

In June, we assisted in sending humanitarian aid from Germany to Kharkiv amounting to 43,884.50 euros and to Kyiv amounting to 20,000 PLN.

You can read more about the project here: https://railwayhelpsukraine.org/.

👉 Together, we’ve survived another month of war! Each day, we grow stronger and more efficient in our assistance efforts, undoubtedly moving towards our common goal – Ukraine’s victory!

We sincerely thank everyone for supporting our actions and urge you not to lose your volunteer enthusiasm! Indifference and getting bored due to lack of rapid results are our worst enemies in this situation. Remember, we must not get accustomed to war 🙌

Together we are stronger – Ukraine will win! 🇺🇦💪

You can support the Save Ukraine campaign directly on our website:


Together for Victory! 🇺🇦💪