July – August 2022


Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire!

Summarizing the results of the Foundation Ukraine’s activity within the SAVE UKRAINE charity campaign for the period of July-August.

Summary of activities for July-August 2022

Volunteer Coordination


Volunteer Coordination – 270 Engaged Volunteers

During July and August, 270 volunteers actively participated in the Foundation’s activities. Our volunteers assisted in organizing events, particularly summer day camps for Ukrainian children: they woke up at five every morning to welcome them with a newly prepared program of exciting activities! Additionally, volunteers provided informational support and worked as translators at the General Consulate of Ukraine in Wrocław and the Lower Silesian Children’s Center. 💙💛

Foundation Ukraine, designated by the Voivode to coordinate actions at the Wrocław PKP, ensured volunteer support at information-reception points at the Main Railway Station Wrocław Główny and in refugee dormitories.

Informational Support – 4960 Consultations

During July and August, employees of our Institute of Migrant Rights Information Point provided informational support regarding legalization and adaptation to over 4960 individuals, including:

✔️Providing 2352 in-person consultations, including:

🔗 146 legal consultations,

🔗 75 psychological consultations,

🔗 41 career counseling sessions,

🔗 2090 general consultations at the IPM information point;

✔️ 2062 phone consultations,

✔️ Responding to 225 emails,

✔️ Providing over 321 informational responses on social media.

Informational Support

over 4960

Funds Raised

over 385 317 PLN​

Fundraising within the SAVE UKRAINE charity campaign – 385,317 PLN

In the past months, thanks to you, our partners, and donors, we’ve managed to collect over 385,317 PLN! We’re not slowing down our assistance efforts! Foundation employees and volunteers live with one daily goal – to save Ukraine and Ukrainians wherever they are. Together with you, we rejoice in every purchased tactical vest that saves a Ukrainian defender’s life on the front lines; every food set that feeds someone’s family, and every child’s smile, even if for a moment, that we manage to bring back some carefree childhood.

Remember: no help is too small! Every donated penny saves someone’s life! So, don’t stop donating and sharing our humanitarian campaign on social media – it’s a significant contribution to our victory and our shared future.

🙏 Thanks to the funds collected in July and August, we managed to purchase and send to Ukraine:

✔️ 50 tactical vests with a total value of over 221,500 PLN for Ukrainian defenders.

✔️ 2 4X4 evacuation vehicles and necessary medical equipment worth 69,811.80 PLN for the “Irpin” tactical group (order in progress).

✔️ 5 Motorola DP4400 radios for Ukrainian military units in the Donetsk region, totaling 18,439 PLN!

✔️ 2 HIKMICRO by HIKVISION thermal imaging cameras with a total cost of 10,998 PLN for two military units!

✔️ A RENAULT MIDLINER M210 fire truck worth 30,000 PLN for the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Kyiv.

✔️ An SSANGYONG KYRON 2.0 XDI ambulance and a FORD MONDEO car for the charitable organization “Safe Country” in Kyiv, totaling 36,405.90 PLN!

🔎  You can find a detailed list of purchases and expenses for the campaign at the following link: https://tiny.pl/9knf4.

Partnership Events

Over the past months, Foundation Ukraine has established collaborations with new partners. Particularly, we express immense gratitude to:

✅ HPE Dominikańska – for providing free office space for language courses and other cultural-educational events;

✅ Grunwaldzki Passage – for the 14,000 PLN dedicated to organizing and equipping summer camps for children organized by the Foundation;

✅ Kulczyk Foundation – for financial support for the “Ukrainian in Poland” project by Foundation Ukraine.

Wydarzenia partnerskie

Humanitarian Aid

over 35 pallets

Collection and shipment of humanitarian aid

During July, we managed to:

✅ deliver up to 35 pallets of humanitarian aid to “SpivDia” Charitable organization (Lviv). These mainly include food items, water, hygiene products, household chemicals, bedding, clothing, toys, as well as food and accessories for animals

In August we:

✅ sent 5 pallets of humanitarian aid in the form of hygiene articles and 60 mattresses by trucks to a hospital in Vinnytsia in response to the request from the Charitable Foundation “ETIC.help”.

✅ dispatched 29 pallets of humanitarian aid to the Charitable Foundation “Marii Carycy Myru.” Primarily consisting of food items, hygiene products, household chemicals, bedding, clothing, and 56 mattresses, which were distributed to three organizations in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia.

🚂 Foundation Ukraine also continues active support for the RAILWAY HUMANITARIAN CORRIDOR project (“Railway Helps Ukraine”).

Together we organized:

✅ On July 1, 2022 – sending humanitarian aid totaling 22,400.00 EUR to the Dnipropetrovsk Regional State Administration;

✅ On July 12, 2022 – sending humanitarian aid totaling 25,000.00 USD to the Kyiv Regional State Administration.

You can read more about the project here: https://railwayhelpsukraine.org/

👉 We sincerely thank everyone for supporting our efforts and ask not to lose the volunteer spirit!

In the five months of war, Ukrainians have proven to the world that they are invincible! That’s why we can’t slow down! Remember, the most challenging time when you want to give up, withdraw – is precisely the time before victory.

You can support the Save Ukraine campaign directly on our website:


Together for Victory! 🇺🇦💪