September 2022


Let us share the achievements of the Foundation UKraine within the ‘SAVE UKRAINE’ charity campaign for September.

Volunteer Coordination

120 Engaged Volunteers

Volunteer Coordination

Throughout September, nearly 120 volunteers participated in the Foundation’s activities. Our volunteers primarily assisted newly arrived refugees in Wroclaw, providing informational and psychological support at the Help for Ukraine reception point – PKP Wrocław Pomoc dla Ukrainy – PKP Wrocław. They also offered informational support and worked as translators at the General Consulate of Ukraine in Wroclaw.

Informational Support

Throughout September, the specialists of our Institute of Migrant Rights Information Point provided informational support for the legalization and adaptation of 1934 visitors, namely:

✔️ Provided 818 in-person consultations, including:

🔗 66 legal consultations,

🔗 50 psychological consultations,

🔗 21 career counseling sessions,

🔗 392 consultations at the IPM information point;

✔️ Provided 1116 remote consultations, including:

🔗 971 phone consultations,

🔗 115 email consultations,

🔗 provided over 30 informational pieces of advice on social networks.

Informational Support

1934 Consultations

Funds Raised

136 584 PLN

Fundraising within the SAVE UKRAINE charity campaign – 136,584 PLN

During September, thanks to you, our partners, and donors, we managed to raise over 136,584 PLN! We’re not slowing down our aid efforts! Remember: no kind of help is too small! Every single penny you donate saves someone’s life! So, keep contributing and sharing our humanitarian campaign on social media – it’s a significant contribution to victory and our collective future.

With the funds raised in September, we managed to purchase and send to Ukraine, among other things:

  • A NISSAN X-TRAIL passenger car valued at 7,000.00 PLN for the charitable foundation ‘ZAPORIZHZHYA HOSPITAL’.
  • An OPEL FRONTERA resuscitation vehicle valued at 34,905.90 PLN for the charitable organization ‘SAFE COUNTRY’ in Kyiv.
  • An AGM PVS14-51 NW ECHO FOM Night Vision Monocular valued at 4314 euros for the charitable organization ‘FUND FOR SUPPORT OF POLICY EMPLOYMENT.’
  • Additionally, 5000 PLN was allocated for the reconstruction of the roof of the administrative building of the ‘MECHNYKOVA 82’ RESIDENTIAL BUILDING OWNERS ASSOCIATION in the city of Irpin.

A detailed list of purchases and expenditures within the campaign can be found at the following link:

Collecting and dispatching of humanitarian aid

In September, we managed to:

  • Organize the shipment of humanitarian aid to the Charitable Organization ‘Ukraine in Our Hearts’ in the city of Vinnytsia, including bandages, masks, antiseptics, artificial ventilation systems, and reflective vests.
  • Deliver bandages and orthopedic balls to the Regional Clinical Hospital for War Veterans in Sumy.

ATTENTION! Change of Foundation Ukraine’s warehouse location. New address: Tęczowa Street 84A, Wroclaw.

Foundation Ukraine continues to actively support the RAILWAY HUMANITARIAN CORRIDOR project (“Railway Helps Ukraine”).

Together, we organized:

On 29.09.2022 – the shipment of a humanitarian aid train to the Mykolaiv Regional Military Administration, including

  • 17 pallets of antiseptics,
  • 3 pallets of children’s items and water, 
  • 2 pallets of bandages
  • 83 mattresses.

More about the project can be read here:

Humanitarian Aid

September marked the start of the Foundation Ukraine’s HELP UA PACKAGE project, within which we sent the first 10 test food sets to the residents of Kupiansk city and Studenok village in the Kharkiv region, recently liberated from Russian occupation.

We sincerely thank everyone for supporting our efforts and kindly ask you not to lose your volunteer enthusiasm! We’ve already faced eight months of war and the fight for truth and the future of the entire civilized world! However, we cannot sustain the humanitarian front without your help!

How to best help?

Help wisely! Victims of war actions need long-term support. It’s better to spread aid over an extended period rather than a one-time donation that loses momentum. It’s better to donate regularly, even once a month/quarter, but consistently.

You can support the campaign directly on our website:

Let’s work together for our victory!