Materials published by the Foundation UKRAINE

One of the directions of activities that we carry out to provide you with valuable knowledge on various aspects related to migration, education, social integration and many other areas is the creation of publications and guides. Our publications are the result of deep commitment and research, and are intended to support the Ukrainian community and other migrants in Poland.

With our articles and guides, we want not only to provide information, but also to inspire, support and engage. Our mission is not only to share knowledge, but also to build bridges of understanding between cultures.

We invite you to explore topics, explore new perspectives and draw from experiences. Stay in touch with us, as we regularly update the database of publications so that you have access to the latest information and analyses.

Słownik zwrotów i pojęć prawnych

Dictionary of legal phrases and terms

Polish-English-Ukrainian dictionary of legal phrases and terms

Różnice kulturowe

Cultural Differences

A comparison of Ukrainian and Polish cultures in the four dimensions proposed by Geert Hofstede

Довідник мігранта

Migrant Handbook (2022)

Everything that people in Poland need to know.