A year of significant challenges and great changes. What was the year 2023 like for Foundation Ukraine? Check our annual activity report!

In the past year, Foundation Ukraine successfully completed 22 out of 30 projects, making substantial progress in achieving its goals related to the integration, adaptation, and education of migrants and the host society in Lower Silesia. We also  continued our efforts for humanitarian assistance for Ukraine.

Within the scope of our project activities, we conducted 4️0️5️ events, engaging nearly 9,200 participants, including:

  • 137 Polish Speaking Club and 96 English Speaking Club meetings, with over 4️4️0️0️ participants;
  • 171 educational and integrative-adaptive events with 2792 participants;
  • 2000 residents and visitors of Wroclaw, which attended our integrative festival Skovoroda Fest 2023.

Thanks to our donors, employees, and volunteers, we managed to:

  • Conduct 2️7️.6️2️5️ free informational consultations and 5️.0️7️5️ specialized consultations for residents of Wroclaw and several other cities in Lower Silesia, including Boleslawiec, Jelenia Gora, and Walbrzych;
  • Organize 4️8️0️0️ hours of Polish language learning through 18 language courses for 1️2️0️0️ migrants and refugees in Lower Silesia;
  • Provide 27 schools in Lower Silesia with intercultural assistants, giving support to over 4️0️0️ students and  5️0️0️ parents with migration experience in the integration and adaptation process in Polish educational institutions;
  • Provide temporary accommodation for 1️9️4️8️ refugees in Lower Silesia, especially in locations such as Wroclaw, Ladek-Zdroj, Polanica-Zdroj, Kudowa-Zdroj, Karpacz, Szklarska Poreba, Legnica, and others;
  • Support 1257 refugee families by providing financial assistance totaling 2️.5️ million PLN over 3 months through the “Cash Assistance” program, funded by Mercy Corps;
  • Give  2️9️ laptops to participants of the “Remote Learning Centers” project, which will help to continue online education in Ukrainian schools;
  • Organize 5️8️ integrative-adaptive sessions as part of the “Senior Club” project for elderly Ukrainian refugees.

How did we support Ukraine in 2023?

As part of the SAVE UKRAINE charity initiative, launched in collaboration with Wroclaw Mayor Jacek Sutryk to support Ukraine during the full-scale war, we managed to:

  • Collect and effectively allocate over 1️.8️1️1️.4️9️6️ PLN for the purchase and shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine withing the SAVE UKRAINE campaign;
  • Send over 5️8️ tons of humanitarian aid, including:
    • Over  2️0️ tons of humanitarian aid, such as power generators, small and large household appliances, hospital furniture, and hygiene products, to the most affected cities in Ukraine and centers of residence for internally displaced persons;
    • 37 tons of food collected through the HELP UA PACKAGE campaign, sent to Ukraine in the form of 6️8️3️2️ food packages. These humanitarian packages reached regions such as Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Mykolaiv, Donetsk, and Kherson, as well as internally displaced persons in temporary housing centers in Kyiv, Lviv, Fastiv, Dnipro, and Alexandria;
    • 1️ tone of humanitarian aid, including food, pet food, hygiene products, and clothing for the residents of Kherson and adjacent areas, most affected by the ecological disaster caused by the explosion of the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant.
    • 439 sets of sweets for children living in Ukraine as part of the “Give a Child A Christmas” campaign.
  • Organize 7  “HUP Volunteering Day” meetings for packing food kits for Ukraine, involving approximately 300 volunteers.

We sincerely thank everyone who supported the activities of Foundation Ukraine last year, and we strongly encourage you to continue your support! We are confident that together we can shape a better future and look forward to fruitful collaboration in 2024.

If you would like to contribute to our efforts, you can do so directly through our website: https://fundacjaukraina.eu/en/support-ukraine/saveukraine/

Even the smallest act of kindness, a donated zloty, or sharing the above information can save someone’s life! 

Together for victory!