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Job Fairs is one of the Foundation Ukraine’s  projects aimed at providing foreigners residing in Lower Silesia with the opportunity to find financial stability and independence.

The goal of the job fairs is to create a common space for foreigners and refugees from Ukraine with various experiences and skills, seeking employment in Wrocław, as well as for local employers struggling with a shortage of workers.

Participating in this event allows attendees to:

  • Learn about the specifics of employment in Poland.
  • Meet a lot of employers from different industries who want to hire migrants.
  • Review their CVs and learn about what to expect at job interviews.
  • Take part in training sessions related to employment and personal development.
  • Participation in the job fairs is also an opportunity to ask any questions directly to employers. Through this experience, participants will be able to learn in which direction to develop their skills to achieve professional success.
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