January-June 2023


The SAVE UKRAINE campaign comprises a series of initiatives and mechanisms aimed at assisting Ukraine, its residents, and refugees forced to flee the war to Lower Silesia. Foundation Ukraine operates this campaign.

Here are the results of our continuous efforts to aid Ukraine within the SAVE UKRAINE campaign

How do we support the humanitarian front in 2023? It’s time for a semiannual summary of Foundation Ukraine’s activity!

Informational Support

4,113 in-person consultations;

5,497 remote consultations;

373 mobile consultations

Informational Support

  • From 1.01.2023 to 30.06.2023, the employees of our Institute of Migrant Rights provided 9,983 consultations on legalization, adaptation, and informational, psychological, and vocational support, specifically:
  • 4,113 in-person consultations;
  • 5,497 remote consultations;
  • 373 mobile consultations in Wałbrzych, Bolesławiec, and Jelenia Góra.

🏫 Thanks to the work of the Refugee Support Center, coordinated by Foundation Ukraine, in the first half-year:

1,453 refugees received free temporary housing in Lower Silesia;

11,128 refugees received support in information, legal, psychological matters, and assistance in job search.

Fundraising within the SAVE UKRAINE charity campaign

During the first 6 months of this year, thanks to you, our partners, and donors, we managed to collect over 702,613 PLN! We’re not slowing down! Remember – no help is too small! Every penny saves someone’s life! So, don’t stop donating and sharing information about our humanitarian campaign on social media – it’s a massive contribution to our collective victory and future.

Raised Funds

over 702,613 PLN

Thanks to the funds collected over the past six months, we managed to purchase and send 3,893 food kits to Ukraine as part of the HELP UA PACKAGE project.

They were delivered mainly to the regions of Zaporizhzhya, Kherson, Kyiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Kirovohrad, and Lviv.

✅ In addition to the packages, we also sent 200 kg of products (oil, flour, cereals, children’s food, and sweets) to the “Malysz” charitable fund in the city of Mykolaiv.

Join us in supporting the HELP UA PACKAGE project: https://zrzutka.pl/helpuapackage2-0

Collection and shipment of humanitarian aid

❗️  ATTENTION! Change of Foundation Ukraine’s warehouse location.

📍 The new address of our warehouse is Lower Silesian Park of Innovation and Science, Kwiatkowskiego 4 Street, 52-407 Wrocław (entrance from Tyniecka Street).

📌 As part of the collection aimed to help flood victims following the dam explosion at the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant, thanks to the residents of Wrocław, we managed to collect and send approximately 850 kg of humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

📌 In cooperation with the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, we delivered 24 pallets of humanitarian aid to the Kirovohrad Regional State Administration. Specifically, the following items were delivered:

✅ Food products,

✅ Generators,

✅ Heaters,

✅ Mattresses and sleeping bags,

✅ Hygiene products and bandages.

👉  In cooperation with the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, we also organized the dispatch of 17 ambulances and one truck with 33 pallets of humanitarian aid.

🚑 9 ambulances were sent to the city of Dnipro;

🚑 8 ambulances and the truck were headed to Kropyvnytskyi city.

The pallets contained medicines, food, medical and hygiene supplies, and other necessary items for the affected individuals.

Humanitarian Aid

57 pallets

17 vehicles

Foundation Ukraine has launched the SAFE SPACE project aimed at supporting internally displaced persons, who, due to russian aggression, have completely or partially lost their homes.

The above-mentioned victims of the russian aggression are currently staying in a shelter in the city of Lutsk. Presently, it accommodates over 130 displaced persons, including 35 children.

In the near future, we plan to conduct renovations in the shelter so that in case of an air raid alarm, the residents of SAFE SPACE can feel safe.

🫶You can also support the SAFE SPACE fundraiser and help us repair the shelter: https://zrzutka.pl/peuska!

👉 We sincerely thank everyone for supporting our initiatives and ask you not to lose your volunteer spirit! Together, we have endured over 500 days of war and the fight for truth and the future of the civilized world! But to continue supporting the humanitarian front strongly, we need your help!

You can support the SAVE UKRAINE charity campaign directly on our website: https://fundacjaukraina.eu/saveukraine/.

Together for Victory!