October-November 2022


Summarize the activity of Foundation Ukraine within the framework of the “SAVE UKRAINE” charity campaign for the months of October-November

Volunteer Coordination

40 Engaged Volunteers

Volunteer Coordination

Over the past two months, nearly 40 volunteers actively participated in the Foundation’s activities. Our volunteers worked at the Refugee Support Center, providing informational and psychological assistance, worked as translators at the General Consulate of Ukraine, and also collected and packed humanitarian aid at the Foundation Ukraine’s warehouse.

Informational Support

Throughout October and November, the specialists of our Institute of Migrant Rights Information Point provided informational support for the legalization and adaptation for 6154 individuals, namely:

Provided 3093 in-person consultations, including:

  • 201 legal consultations,
  • 154 psychological consultations,
  • 26 vocational counseling sessions,
  • 2712 general consultations at the IPM information point;

Provided 3061 remote consultations, including:

  • 2733 phone consultations,
  • 201 email consultations,
  • 127 informational advice pieces on social networks.

Informational Support

6154 Consultations

Raised Funds

325 402 PLN

Fundraising within the SAVE UKRAINE charity campaign – 325,402 PLN

During October and November, thanks to you, our partners, and donors, we managed to raise over 325,402 PLN! We’re not slowing down and continuing to support Ukraine! Remember: no help is too small! Every single coin you donate saves someone’s life! So, keep contributing and sharing information about our humanitarian campaign on social media – it’s a significant contribution to victory and our collective future.

With the funds raised, we managed to purchase and send 1945 food packages to Ukraine as part of the HELP UA PACKAGE project: https://fundacjaukraina.eu/help-ua-package/, including:

  • 648 food packages for 762 residents of Kharkiv in October.
  • 36 family and 114 adult food packages for Kharkiv, and 112 family sets, 734 adult, and 301 children’s food sets for the Donetsk region in November.

A detailed list of purchases and expenditures within the campaign can be found at the following link: https://tiny.pl/9knf4.

Collection and dispatch of humanitarian aid

ATTENTION! We’ve changed the location of the Foundation Ukraine’s warehouse. New address is Tęczowa Street 84A, Wroclaw.

Over the past two months, we managed to:

  • Deliver a power generator purchased by the authorities of Wroclaw for the city of Lviv.
  • Send a pallet with medicines, tactical first aid kits, and dressings to the charitable organization ‘Ukraine in Our Hearts’ in the Lviv region.

Humanitarian Aid

We sincerely thank everyone for supporting our efforts and urge you not to lose your volunteer enthusiasm! Together, we’ve endured nine months of war and the fight for truth and the future of the entire civilized world! However, to maintain the humanitarian front strongly, we need your help!

How can you best help?

Even small, regular help is better! Victims of wartime actions need our long-term support. It’s better to make small donations for a longer period of time than to make a one-time donation and lose interest. You can donate even once a month/quarter – but regularly.

You can support the campaign directly on our website:


Together for Victory!