The equator of the For YOUnity project – let’s summarize__

For 6 months in a row, the team of the Foundation Ukraine has been assisted in work and inspired by the zeal and fresh ideas of the volunteers of For YOUnity project by the European Solidarity Corps – meet the girls and read about their successes and achievements in the article.


This year was special for everyone – we all had to adapt to new living and working conditions, learn to work remotely and celebrate family holidays with loved ones through the screens of our computers or phones. We all lost something, found something and learned something. The year was also a special year for the Foundation Ukraine – three charming volunteers from Ukraine joined our team within the For YOUnity project by European Solidarity Corps and became an integral part of our team.


ESC – opportunities for self-development through volunteering in different countries

The European Solidarity Corps is one of the projects supported by the European Commission. Its main goal is to provide young people between the ages of 18 and 30 with opportunities for self-development through volunteering in different countries. The project provides an opportunity to learn about different cultures and mentality, gain a wide network of contacts and new professional skills. Detailed information about the project can be found under the link:


Foundation Ukraine volunteers’ results of the first half of the For YOUnity project 

We asked our volunteers how their first six months at the Foundation Ukraine went and we want to share with you the girls’ answers.

Tetiana Hamova, a volunteer from the promotion department, was the first to share her impressions.




“Hi! My name is Tetiana and my adventure with the Foundation Ukraine began in July 2020. I work In the promotion department. My main responsibilities include designing graphics for social networks and advertising for periodicals.

Before volunteering, working in graphic editors was a black magic and a secret dream for me. But in six months of work, I not only mastered composition, color and typography, but also learned to work in a team and accept constructive criticism.

It was a revelation for me that it is quite difficult to organize work on such a huge ship as the Foundation Ukraine. We all learn together how to combine individual aspirations and ambitions with a common course.

My greatest achievement in work from this half of a year was designing a graphic layout for the website of the Institute of Migrants Rights. Such work requires great flexibility and the ability to listen to the needs of users.

The For YOUnity project helped me better understand my aspirations, meet fantastic people and open new opportunities for self-realization” – says Tetiana.

Instead, we are extremely happy to meet and work with such a talented person as Tetiana.

We wish  success and inspiration in the coming year!

The next one who  shared with us impressions of working at the Foundation was Tatiana Chyzh, a volunteer from the information and legal department.




“Hello! My name is Tetiana Chizh, I am a volunteer at the Foundation Ukraine. In July 2020, as a participant of the ForYOUnity project, I began my work  in the legal and information department.

At the beginning of the project, I had to face many challenges, one of which was finding contact with people during consultations and a large amount of information. But thanks to the pleasant atmosphere in the organization and the support of colleagues, I managed to adapt to the new environment quickly.

One of my main tasks today is to provide consultations for migrants at the information point. Assistance is still my priority in volunteering and in achieving personal goals. 

The Foundation gave me free opportunities for personal development. By creating my own project, I have the opportunity to implement my ideas and to the activities of the Foundation, which I am very pleased with” – says Tetiana.

We wish Tetiana success in achieving the goals set for next year and rapid development!

Concludes the results of the equator of the ForYOUnity project Lisa, volunteer of the Department of Education and Integration. 




“Hello, my name is Lisa and I am a volunteer in the Education and Integration Department at the Foundation Ukraine. My main activity is assisting the planning and realization of events organized by the Foundation.

In six months, I managed to join the organization of many large-scale events, including trainings for representatives of the education sector working with migrants and a festival dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine. I also manage the organization of the English Speaking Club and conduct acting classes as part of my own project.

During these six months of working as a volunteer, I learned to work with different departments to achieve a common goal and tasks, became more disciplined and better understood how to achieve my own goals.

I am very glad to have the opportunity to gain experience from a team of real professionals in the Foundation Ukraine.

Among my plans for the next six months at the Foundation is the autonomy of my acting course – I dream that the course will continue to exist after the end of the project and the improvement of the English Speaking Club, which I coordinate” – says Lisa. 

We wish Lisa success in the new year, a lot of strength, inspiration and achievement of all goals! We are extremely  happy to have the opportunity to work with such talented, inspiring  and persistent girls!


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