We are opening a recruitment for the Polish language course “Let’s mów”__

Don’t miss your chance to join the autumn recruitment for the Polish language course “Let’s mów”. The Foundation Ukraine and the Foundation MODE announce the start of accepting applications for language courses for Slavic-speaking and English-speaking migrants in Wroclaw, find out how to join!


Learning the language is a priority component in the process of adaptation of a foreigner in a new country. That is why the Foundation Ukraine conducts Polish language courses for migrants – “Let’s mów”, which will help not only to master the language, but also to take important steps towards free communication, integration into the Polish language and cultural environment and passing the state exam.


“Let’s mów” – co-funded Polish language courses for migrants


“Let’s mów” – is a Polish language course for migrants – citizens of non-EU country. From July 2018 to April 2021, 10 classes are planned. The next course will start in October 2020, the number of places is limited, so we advise you to hurry up. Groups are formed based on the language competencies of the selected participants.


What you need to know about the course “Let’s mów”?


Tuition fees: Thanks to co-financing, the price of the course is extremely low – 384 PLN for 128 academic hours, that is  only 3 PLN per hour of study! This price includes the cost of a stationery set, book and personalized training materials from our teachers. Full payment is charged before the start of course.


Course duration: The average duration of training is 3-4 months. The lecture schedule is created separately for each group, depending on the days and hours that the participants offer by filling out the registration form. Classes are held twice a week.


Number of participants in the group: Applicants are recruited in 2 parallel groups of 15 people. Small groups make the group learning process comfortable for each participant.


Certificate of completion: After the end of each “Let’s mów” course, all participants take a Polish language exam, which will help determine their level of language competence. Based on its results, students receive an internal certificate of completion of the course.


Bonus: The Foundation Ukraine has prepared a special surprise for the most active and talented students. Exactly half of the participants who show the best results in the internal exam and during the course will have the opportunity to try their knowledge at the official state exam of Polish as a foreign language for FREE. After passing the exam, participants will be issued a certificate, which will be officially confirmed by the Polish State Commission and can be used to submit documents for obtaining citizenship and a Pole card.


Who can apply for the “Let’s mów” course?


A citizen of a non-EU country residing in the territory of Lower Silesia can take part in the selection for the course if he/she will be able to confirm the legality of stay in Poland with a travel document (passport) and one of the following documents:


  • valid visa;
  • biometric passport under the current visa-free regime;
  • card of permanent / temporary stay in Poland
  • long-term resident’s EU residence permit;
  • stamp from the Voivode, put in the foreigner’s passport.


How to join? Here are three easy steps:


  1. You must fill out an online form: 


  1. Confirm the correctness of the filled in data at the meeting with the course coordinator. You should have a passport and a document confirming your legal stay in Poland with you. Meetings are held at the CUKR office at Ruska 46A / 201 street during the registration hours *
  2. After the end of registration and selection of participants, the enrollment decision will be sent to the email address you specified.


* Actual hours of registration of participants – WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY from 16:00 to 18:00!


Additional information can be obtained in our office during the registration hours of participants or by e-mail:


New groups of  “Let’s mów” courses  for English speaking migrants


Moreover, recently, thanks to the RESTART project, our partners, the MODE Foundation, launched a special course “Let’s mów” for English-speaking migrants. All the details about the course and the registration form are available here: 


We will be glad to see you in our classes, and while you are awaiting the selection results, we advise you to join the Foundation Ukraine community on social networks.


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The courses are held within the framework of the projects “Integration, adaptation, adoption. Support for third-country nationals living in Lower Silesia “and reSTART, which are co-financed jointly from the National Fund for Asylum, Migration and Integration and the state budget.