Outside August integration with a fresh air__

Foundation Ukraine actively works in winter and summer! 365 days a year we organize events for people aged from 5 to 95 years!

Summer 2019 is not an exception!  The Summer Polish Language Course for Children exceeded everyone’s expectations! And now, it’s time to say goodbye. We would like to invite you to the Multicultural Picnic for Families which will take place in South Park from 11 am until 4 pm. We have two reasons for that, the official ending of the course and 28th Anniversary Of Ukraine’s Independence!


Picnic activities, or what, where and how?

We prepared for you the number of attractions. There will be 3 thematic “islands”- multicultural, language, and workshop island. Also, you may see there the rental point where you can find equipment for leisure activities, mobile city game, and information point.

Our picnic will welcome special guests, such as citizens of Ukraine, India, Georgia, Israel, who will present to you traditional cuisines and traditions of their countries.

Workshops for children and language activities for adults

Wreath weaving from 2:30 pm till 4:30 pm and drawing with coal from 11 am till 2 pm will not leave indifferent even our youngest guests. Creativity and motor skills will be developed for sure!

You may take part in the special edition of English Speaking Club, in the communicative game with Polish Speaking Club and in the workshop of how to give feedback with Promowa.

The program of the event you can find on Facebook:,


Ukrainian music chillout in the evening

In the evening after the picnic entertainment, we would like to invite you to relax and listen to lounge music. On Stanisław Kulczyński Boulevard after 5 pm you will see:

  1. Wymyrajuchi Wydy band
  2. Olena Lapko
  3. Musical comedy from Wrocław
  4. Dance team “Ukrainian girl from Denmark”
  5. Trio “Strybożi Wnuci” from Poltava
  6. Quintet “Buława” from Butowodolynsk
  7. Solo singer from Poltavska Opera Tetiana Sadochina 

The evening part is organized by Wrocławskie Koło Związku Ukraińców in Poland. Ośrodek Kultury i Sztuki we Wrocławiu – Instytucja Kultury Samorządu Województwa Dolnośląskiego are co-organizers of the event.

The whole picnic is co-financed by funds received from the Wroclaw municipality as part of the Wroclaw Strategy for Intercultural Dialogue 2018-2022


The 1st sweet anniversary of ProMova

On the 25th of August at 11 am we would like to invite you to our first anniversary of the art of public speech ProMova Toastmasters!

Program of the meeting includes orators’ performances, self-presence workshop by Aleksandra Szczepaniak, session of impromptu speeches and, of course, the tasty cake for celebration!


Integrational flash mob on Solny Square!

It is the first big dance performance for supporting migrants in Wrocław!

The combination of Jewish and cowboy dances, samba and waltz will create a unique atmosphere of integration and mutual acceptance.

It is a pleasure for us to welcome all of the people who want to take part in the flash mob on the 30th of August at 4 pm! Migrants from different parts of the world, Poles, guests of the event, tourists and students, together on one impromptu scene!