Integrational program for everyone – Ruska 46A II__

Informational consultations, cooking masterclasses, drawing lessons, and yoga training are conducted in the framework of the project “Integrational program Ruska 46A II” co-financed by the Wroclaw municipality. Foundation Ukraine creates new possibilities for integration, learning and diverse development of migrants and new citizens of the city of Wroclaw.  


Collective entertainment, education, and intercultural communication


We have a great pleasure to present to you the second edition of the already known project for you “Integrational program Ruska 46A II”. It’s been implemented in cooperation with the Wroclaw municipality and the Union of Ukrainians in Wroclaw from 01.02.2020 till 31.12.2021. The project is focused on gathering new citizens in the way of integration by applying the new elements of entertainment, education and intercultural communication. It is addressed not only to foreigners but also to Polish citizens as a receiving society. 


In the framework of this project, our informational point InfoCUKR and Ukrainian center of culture and development(CUKR) are providing regular training of Ashtanga Yoga, seminars of “Cooking integration” and drawing lessons for children and adults. All of the initiatives implemented in the “Integrational program Ruska 46A” are completely free of charge and not require preregistration. 


CUKR – pleasing atmosphere and verified information


Foundation Ukraine has been administering the InfoCUKR for several years and it has already become a very popular credible place where migrants can meet and get useful information about various topics important for everyday life.  

The headquarter of the informational point Ukrainian center of culture and development (CUKR), in turn, is a famous spot for the citizens of Wroclaw which is known for its pleasing atmosphere, verified information, informative lections and many integrational, cultural and creative events. The work of the informational point InfoCUKR plays a special role in the context of fulfilling migrants’ needs. It provides basic information needed for integration and unification with local society.  


Cooking, art and sport help in developing social contacts


Another element of the project is the series of seminars “Cooking integration” which provides collective cooking of different dishes, such as pielmiens, useful snacks, and even vegetarian food. A variety of tastes and cooking techniques, knowledge exchange and conversations during the tasting of meals positively influence the building of in-person networks.  


Drawing and creativity masterclasses are addressed to children, teenagers and also their parents. Participants create pieces of art connected to the holidays and traditions of different countries, such as Christmas postcards or ethnic jewelry. They also learn new drawing techniques and many other fascinating things. 

The schedule of upcoming lessons you find on the CUKR Facebook page: Usually, such masterclasses are conducted once or twice a month. 


In the project, there are also organized sport and dancing classes. All of the citizens of Wroclaw regardless of their nationality can take part in Ashtanga Yoga training which is conducted every Sunday (except public holidays). Classes start at 11 am in CUKR. Also, in the Ukrainian center of culture and development, you will see advertisements for future dancing and stretching masterclasses. 


Stay in contact with CUKR


You are very welcomed to receive a huge portion of integration and great mood. Spend a great time in CUKR at this address: Ruska street, 46A.  

In order to be informed about each new offer, have an actual schedule of our events and fast contact with our consultants, join the community of migrants in the Lower Silesia here:


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See you at CUKR!


The project “Integrational program Ruska 46A” is co-financed by the Wroclaw municipality.