How to File PIT (Personal Income Tax) in Poland: practical step-by-step guide__

Annual tax settlement, known as PIT settlement, is an important obligation for every taxpayer in Poland. From January to April each year, citizens have the opportunity to submit a tax return, which allows determining the amount of tax due or overpaid for the previous tax year.

The term PIT (Personal Income Tax) directly refers to personal income tax. The period for calculating annual PIT declarations in 2024 starts on February 15 and lasts until April 30. This is another opportunity to help, as taxpayers can donate 1.5% of their annual tax to charitable purposes without any additional cost.

In this article, we will present a practical step-by-step guide on how to file PIT in Poland:

1️⃣ Prepare necessary documents:

Before starting to fill out the PIT declaration, make sure you have all the necessary documents needed for its correct completion. Among the most important documents are:

  • PIT-11: information about income obtained from your employer (for employees),
  • PIT-37: for individuals working under an employment contract or civil law contract,
  • PIT-36: for individuals conducting business activity or settling losses from previous years,
  • PIT-28: for taxpayers taxed with lump sum,
  • PIT-38: for individuals receiving income from the sale of securities,
  • PIT-39: for individuals from private real estate sales.

2️⃣ Choose the method of settlement:

3️⃣ Fill out and submit the declaration:

Fill out the PIT declaration accurately, stating all income and using available deductions and allowances. Filing PIT online and sending it electronically will be much simpler: for this purpose, you can use several options. The PIT program (such as the application) will be helpful. PIT 37 settlement can also be done through the Ministry of Finance Tax Portal. For this purpose, the “Your e-PIT” service has been created. Sending will almost happen automatically, and the user will only need to provide basic information about themselves.

It will also be very easy to use all available tax deductions and allowances and indicate a public benefit organization to which you can donate 1.5% of the tax.

4️⃣ 1.5% Tax Donation:

Taxpayers can choose the option to donate 1.5% of the tax to the selected charitable organization without any additional cost to the taxpayer. This is very simple – just enter the name of the public benefit organization along with the KRS number in the tax return. If you don’t choose any public benefit organization, your 1.5% will automatically go to the State Treasury.

This way, you can also support our efforts for migrants and the receiving society! Foundation Ukraine does not have the status of a public benefit organization, but thanks to cooperation with, we have the opportunity to receive 1.5% of the tax. This means that after entering the KRS data, you will see the name FaniMani, and the donated deductions will go to the sub-account of Foundation Ukraine.

📌 KRS Number: 0000507234

📌 Amount: 1.5%

🎯 Specific Purpose: 6374

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