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The job search process can be compared to a roulette game, when you never know for sure what to expect. The Foundation Ukraine together with HR Business Partner Alona Slobodianyk have prepared an article with advice for expats that will facilitate the process of looking for a job in Poland to increase our readers’ chances of professional success.


Poland stands out on the labor market among European Union countries: many companies open their headquarters here, move some processes due to lower costs and convenient location. This is, of course, due to the fact that many people from abroad come to Poland to look for a job. This article will present several key points that are of concern to expats who are trying to find themselves in the new labor market environment.


Where and how to look for a job in Poland


When starting to look for a job, it is good to consider some important aspects that will influence the choice of website for job advertisements. Here they are: what kind of skills the candidate has and what makes him/her unique on the market, what is his/her experience and education, whether the candidate is flexible in terms of location and for how long he/she wants to collaborate with the potential employer.  We selected the most suitable platforms for searching job offers, depending on the answers to these questions.


Websites with job offers


The largest job search portal in Poland is, which, depending on the season, has around 50-80 thousand job ads.

Another smaller portal is Websites, https://www.infopraca.pl, are similar to previous portals, but with a smaller reach., for example, offers advertisements for student and part-time jobs.

There are several pages with seasonal and student jobs: (work section) and (work section).

There are websites or portals in large cities, where the advertisement section includes jobs ads in the local market (for example,

It is also a great idea to take a look at large search websites with job ads, such as,,,, 

Many of the above recruitment websites do not specialize, but there are also specific industry services: for example, for IT you could use,, for HR –, for marketing and digital –

Recently, several websites were created to help people who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as 


Social media that can help you find a job


It is a great idea to register on social networking sites supporting job search and broadening business contacts.

Linkedin is the best tool for that in almost every industry. Start by updating your profile. Then post your job search status with the relevant hashtag like #szukampracy. And don’t forget to contact a recruiters’ network with specialization in the needed industry. Direct messaging to a recruiter or manager from a company that interests you is often perceived as proactive engagement and showing real interest in that company’s offer. is a service similar to LinkedIn, only for the Polish labor market. is a good place to look for an employer – there are many expat groups in specific cities, as well as specialized groups with only job offers. Facebook is planning to improve its own job offer website, which is currently targeted at temporary work.


Employment agencies and recruitment agencies


Many companies are looking for employees using employment agencies, so it is a good idea to contact recruiters from such an agency. This will help to verify the potential of the specific candidate, to check the market salary, and to prepare for interviews with the employer.

There are many recruitment agencies on the Polish market. The largest are: Randstad, Jobhouse, Grafton Recruitment, Antal, Hays, Adecco Polska. There is also a large number of temporary employment agencies such as EWL, WorkService, and Otto Work Force. They must have licenses and be in the general register of employment agencies – better check it before cooperating with them. Read the contract and any other documents carefully and check about all the working conditions before signing the contract with the company. Such  documents are often prepared in two languages: Polish and English, for example).

There is an unwritten rule in Poland that only the selected candidates are contacted, so if there is no response from the company for 2-3 weeks after the application was sent, it is better to ask if they are still looking for someone. In the case of the negative answer, it is considered polite to ask for feedback – this will make it easier to make changes in subsequent applications.

Most companies have referral programs and use them as a priority. The way it works is that friends can recommend a candidate, with his/her consent, by sending a CV to the HR department.


Seasonal work – advantages, tips, important aspects


Seasonal work is mostly related to customer service in tourist destinations or field work. It is often well paid, because the company must quickly find an employee for a short period of time.

Before making a decision about establishing cooperation with any company, it is good to check what kind of contract is proposed, the gross /net salary, the bonus, whether the employer provides accommodation, meals and transport to the workplace, and whether any breaks are provided.  You should take care of all these formalities before leaving your home, as well as check online or among your friends to learn the general opinion about the employer.

It is important to keep in mind that seasonal work is physically hard: the goal is to earn as much money as possible in the shortest possible time. Adverse weather conditions may occur (such as drought or heavy rainfall). So, act wisely when choosing this type of work.


CV – how to prepare: the key to the Polish labor market


One of the key issues in the job search process is writing a good CV, because on average the recruiter spends 6 seconds reviewing it. What does he/she focus on?

Skills and experience should be consistent with the job offer. Quite often the employer indicates the key competencies he is looking for. The CV does not necessarily need to fit on one page, but it must be clear, legible and factual.

Graphic design and spelling. There are many websites that help prepare a CV that you can then use online: such as or  A document without spelling mistakes is more likely to make a positive impression on a recruiter.

What to write about in your CV. Presentation of previous achievements (certificates, awards, important completed projects, etc.), additional skills and hobbies also interest employers, as it shows how well the candidate matches the company’s organizational culture. It’s important to include information on residence and work permits – the employer often needs this information.

No lies. Recruiters are effective at checking the information included on a CV.

Cover letter. To stand out from other candidates, it’s better to add a cover letter that matches your CV.

Sometimes you get a job after sending 10 CVs, and sometimes you have to send up to 100. It’s not the quantity that counts, but the quality: you are looking to find work for a longer period of time, so don’t rush.


What to remember during the interview, so that it goes well


If a candidate gets an invitation to the interview, it means that the recruitment team already like him/her and there is a good chance of getting a job.

Company knowledge. At the interview, the question asked often is why you chose this company to apply. A brief answer indicates that the candidate is prepared and interested in the offer.

Professional experience of the candidate. There will definitely be a question about the candidate’s professional experience, often expecting a detailed answer. The great idea is to think about it calmly before the conversation, especially about controversial topics. It is better not to speak badly about previous employers.

Attire and punctuality. To dress properly, check the company’s dress code. Being late is not a good sign – check the route beforehand.

Smile. Good disposition is an asset to every person, and character is one of the key elements in the selection of an employee.

Questions from the candidate. At the end of the conversation there will be a chance to ask questions – it is worth using this opportunity.

The most important points in looking for a job are choosing a job suited to the candidate’s skills, writing a transparent CV, and showing a positive attitude throughout the process. Each interview is an invaluable experience, so the friendly feedback received can be used in the future to help the candidate find the best job in the short term.Acknowledgements. Even in the case of the negative decision, it is polite to thank for being considered as a candidate. Leaving a good impression is a sign of professionalism and, besides, there may be other openings in this company, so it is not wise to burn the bridges.

And one more point – sharing good job offers with other job seekers fosters feelings of solidarity and support, ensuring a smoother transition during this period in life. Gestures of goodwill always return back to you.


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