Free Ashtanga Yoga classes for citizens of Wroclaw__

Every Saturday Foundation Ukraine invites citizens of Wrocław to get distracted by the urban noise, to unload your mind, and develop physical perseverance in the Ashtanga Yoga classes. Read here about the way of joining our group of ancient Indian practice lovers.

Wroclaw is slowly coming back on track to the normal rhythm of life after the quarantine during the coronavirus epidemic. In the morning, white-collar workers hurry up for their favorite cup of coffee and students prepare for the exams. Urban city life has come back together with everyday stress in our life. Ashtanga Yoga classes help to deal with diseases of the XXI century. It is a special practice that is based on Hatha Yoga. In the classical yoga breathing exercises, flexibility, and relaxation development prevail, but Ashtanga Yoga increases strength of body and spirit.

Free Ashtanga Yoga classes

Foundation Ukraine invites the citizens of Wroclaw to join the free Ashtanga Yoga classes which are organized in the framework of the project “Integration program Ruska 46A”. The project is being implemented together with the Wroclaw municipality. It is aimed to integrate new citizens of Wroclaw with the help of the wide spectrum of events including spending free time, joint education, and intercultural communication.

This project is addressed either to foreigners or Polish citizens who live in the city of Wroclaw and are the host society for foreigners. Participation in the project does not require previous registration and all of the events in this project are free of charge.
For more details about all of the initiatives in the project go to the article about Integrational program for everyone – Ruska 46A II.

Sign up the platform Zoom and join our live transmissions

Ashtanga Yoga classes are held every Saturday at 11 am on Zoom.

Link to the event you can find in the description of the event on the Facebook page CUKR by the office of Foundation Ukraine:

To join the transmission, you should open the link 5 minutes before the beginning of the event. Also, you should previously download the Zoom app on your smartphone or laptop. The download link will appear after you open the link to the event:


Classes for beginners and Yoga lovers

For home training, you only need sportswear, sleeping sport pad, and good vibes. These classes are good not only for beginners but also for experienced Yoga lovers. The range of Ashtanga Yoga exercises can be performed on different difficulty levels.

Looking forward to meeting you in our online classes. We promise you’ll get a huge internal power, spiritual peace, and concentration. Don’t you believe it? Then you really should join us and see it for yourself!

For those who for any reason cannot join us on the closest Saturday, we prepared a video recording of one of the classes on our YouTube channel!

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The project “Integrational program Ruska 46A” is co-financed by the Wroclaw municipality.