Refugee Aid and Integration Initiative (RAII)__

Implementation period: 01.12.2023 - 30.06.2024

Project Goal:

The aim of the project is to improve the integration of refugees and migrants from Ukraine currently residing in Wrocław by providing comprehensive emotional, advisory, and professional support. The project aims to create a safe space where beneficiaries, regardless of their status, can acquire knowledge, develop social and professional skills, and effectively adapt to the new social environment.

Key Project Activities:

Informational Support for Migrants and Refugees:

As a part of the project, it’s planned to conduct approximately 600 informational consultations for third-country nationals residing in Lower Silesia. The aim of our activities is to solve legal and administrative challenges faced by migrants, as well as to finance the operation of a permanent information and advisory point of Foundation Ukraine (Information Point run by the Institute of Migrant Rights) for refugees.

Expert Consultations:

Conducting 25 expert consultations for migrants and refugees to increase their awareness of legal rights and administrative procedures in Poland.

Adaptation and Informational Support:

Implementation of four adaptation and informational courses for a minimum of 40 specialists engaged in daily work with migrants and refugees. Our goal is to provide necessary legal and administrative knowledge to as many recipients as possible.

Vocational Counselling:

Providing vocational counselling for 50 refugees to support their integration into the Polish job market. The goal of these efforts is to enhance the chances of finding employment and aligning job opportunities with their qualifications. Additionally, it aims to  enable individual  meetings between job seekers and career advisors.

Expert Meetings with BNY Mellon Employees:

Organizing 16 subject matter expert meetings with BNY Mellon employees who, as volunteers, will share their knowledge and practical tips on job search and professional development. These meetings will give at least 170 job seekers a unique advantage in their pursuit of employment, especially by providing firsthand knowledge of the Polish job market, industry dynamics, interview techniques, workplace etiquette, CV building, and personal branding.

Creative Volunteer Workshops:

Conducting 16 workshops on various topics as part of BNY Mellon employee volunteering. Planned workshops will have an integrative and adaptive nature, promoting interaction between refugees and the local community while enabling the acquisition of new skills. Similar to expert meetings, it is anticipated that at least 170 individuals will take part in these creative meetings.

We believe that all the aforementioned project activities will contribute to improving the situation of refugees in the Polish job market and co-create a community based on understanding, acceptance, and mutual support. This will contribute to the successful integration and better life for refugees and migrants from Ukraine in Wrocław.

The project is implemented thanks to the financial support of BNY Mellon.

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