Support for particularly vulnerable refugee groups in the Lower Silesia Region 2024__

Implementation period: 01.04.2024 - 30.06.2024

Project Goal:

The goal of the project is to support particularly vulnerable groups of refugees, such as single mothers with children, elderly people, individuals with disabilities, people with serious illnesses, orphans living in orphanages or foster families, and representatives of the LGBT minority who have found refuge in centers for refugees in Lower Silesia.

Through our project, we aim to provide refugees at risk of social exclusion, living in less urbanized regions of Lower Silesia, with equal opportunities for social integration and access to information. Our actions seek to enable refugees to gain better access to assistance, which will help them become independent, integrate socially, and take steps towards professional development. Additionally, we plan to raise awareness among local communities and authorities about the needs of refugees and support the process of social integration. The project aims to support at least 100 people.

Project Activities:

● Organizing mobile group consultations in collective accommodation centers in Lower Silesia

Over the course of 3 months, we will conduct 12 trips of mobile support groups in the regions of Lower Silesia (including Wałbrzych, Jelenia Góra, Legnica), during which informational presentations about the support available through the activities of the Foundation Ukraine will be held.

● Conducting surveys to identify the needs of refugees and local communities

During the mobile trips, we plan to conduct surveys to collect information on the unique needs of residents in collective accommodation centers. Identifying the needs of refugees will allow us to tailor the provided assistance to the real challenges faced by project beneficiaries and focus on finding partner organizations that can help meet needs beyond the support offered by Foundation Ukraine, such as psychological consultations or material assistance.

● Providing specialized consultations based on the identified needs of beneficiaries

During group mobile consultations, refugees will be able to receive information on how to obtain individual assistance appropriate to their needs and sign up for individual counseling.

We plan to provide general consultations on administrative law, residency legalization, and social benefits at collective accommodation centers. Additionally, we intend to disseminate information about the availability of career counseling, business consulting, legal assistance, and psychological consultations at advisory centers of the Foundation Ukraine or partner organizations.

Project Outcomes

The implementation of the project will bring significant benefits to all involved parties. For society, it is an opportunity to increase awareness and understanding of the needs of refugees, which can lead to greater acceptance and support for particularly vulnerable social groups. The actions taken in the project to support refugees can also contribute to increased trust and understanding from local communities.

The provided support will help to enable project beneficiaries to equalize their opportunities in the labor market, become independent, integrate socially, and find their place in a new environment.

Collaboration with temporary accommodation centers within this project opens doors for the exchange of knowledge and experiences, which in turn can lead to better coordination of actions and more effective support for refugees. Gathering data and information from surveys will allow both us and our partners to better tailor our actions to the actual needs of refugees, which in turn will increase the effectiveness of our joint efforts.

The project “Support for particularly vulnerable refugee groups in the Lower Silesia Region 2024” is implemented thanks to the financial support of Deviniti Sp. z o.o.