Integration Program – Together in Wrocław__

Implementation period: 1.01.2022-31.12.2023

Key Project Activities:

The main activity within the project concentrates on operating an Info Point primarily aimed at new Wrocław residents from various countries, especially Eastern European countries. The Information Point is managed by the Institute of Migrant Rights. The Info Point provides informational support on employment, housing, education, cultural differences, and other important matters for foreigners who have decided to settle in the capital of Lower Silesia;

The project also includes:

  • assisting the local community interested in integration issues and co-creating a diverse society;
  • organizing workshops and open events in the field of culture and art to aid integration.

Project Goals:

  • Facilitating and increasing access to information for foreigners – new Wrocław residents regarding residency, legalization, cultural, and adaptational issues.
  • Boosting social activity and reinforcing the intercultural integration process between foreigners and Wrocław residents through organizing integrative and educational activities.
  • Acquiring intercultural competencies among members of the local community.
  • Enhancing readiness for social participation and civic engagement among national and ethnic minorities.
  • Deepening integration and strengthening social ties among Polish and foreign families through organizing integrative and artistic-cultural activities.
  • Fostering openness and mitigating negative social sentiments towards migration.
  • Affirming and promoting elements of culture from various nationalities.
  • Initiating and bolstering intercultural dialogue.
  • Cultural integration of residents of the Wrocław Municipality.
  • Promoting Wrocław as a multicultural city.
  • Mutual acquaintance of Poles and foreigners residing in the Wrocław Municipality.

The “Together in Wrocław” project is co-financed by the Wrocław Municipality.