Wrocław Integration Center – International Organization for Migration__

Implementation period: 1.07.2023-15.06.2024

The Wrocław Integration Center project financed by IOM is aimed at migrants and refugees residing in Poland who need support in various areas of their lives, ranging from employment, through legal residency, daily life, to developing professional skills and learning Polish language. The project aims to improve the quality of life for migrants and refugees in Poland, as well as to create a more open and integrated society.

Project Objectives

Vocational Support:

  • Providing support in job search and career counseling for migrants and refugees, assisting 100 new individuals in obtaining stable employment.

Social Integration:

  • Facilitating the process of social integration for migrants and refugees by organizing adaptation meetings, integration workshops, and Polish language courses to increase participation in social life.

Legal and Administrative Support:

  • Providing legal and general administrative consultations to help migrants and refugees resolve issues related to their legal status and daily life in Poland.

Skills Development:

  • Organizing specialized consultations, online courses, and language clubs to develop migrants’ skills and knowledge.

Key Project Activities:

  • Providing vocational counseling;
  • Support in job search;
  • Conducting 5 adaptation meetings for refugees and migrants;
  • Organizing 10 adaptation meetings for representatives of the migrant and refugee communities from Ukraine;
  • Providing legal and general administrative consultations;
  • Specialized consultations with a lawyer, psychologist, tax advisor;
  • Implementation of the online course “Foreigners in Poland”;
  • Conducting 5 integration workshops for children and adults;
  • Implementing 60 hours of integration workshops as part of the Skovoroda Fest 2023 festival;
  • Organizing Polish language course;
  • Conducting 12 language club meetings.

The activities carried out as part of the project will increase employment opportunities for migrants and refugees, contributing to their economic independence.

The Wrocław Integration Center project is implemented in collaboration with the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and funded by the United States Government.

Wrocławskie Centrum Integracji IOM