Integration Program – Together In Wrocław 2024__

Implementation period: 01.01.2024 - 31.12.2024

The “Integration Program – Together in Wrocław 2024” project is a comprehensive support program for migrants in Wrocław and their integration with the local community, implemented by Foundation Ukraine in partnership with the Municipality of Wrocław.

Project Goal:

The project aims to provide migrants with the necessary tools and opportunities to adapt to their new environment and build positive relationships with the host community. Through various adaptation-integration activities, educational initiatives, and advocacy efforts, we aim to improve the quality of life for migrants and promote mutual understanding and cooperation among different social groups.

Key Project Activities:

  1. Organization of adaptation and integration activities for new residents of Wrocław, the host community, and national minorities.
  • Implementation of adaptation courses covering the most important topics for third-country nationals, such as legalization of residence and employment in Poland.

The aim of the adaptation courses is to support general and specialized consultations provided by the Institute of Migrant Rights. Based on the knowledge and experience of our consultants, we will gather the most frequently asked questions and issues during consultations and prepare meetings to discuss them. We plan to conduct at least 6 courses per year, each lasting from 3 to 6 hours. The planned number of participants in one course is 12-15 people.

  • Conducting Polish language clubs for migrants and members of the host community. The activities will be conducted in the form of discussions in small groups (about 5-8 people). In an informal atmosphere, participants will have the opportunity to engage in interesting conversations about culture, society, daily life in Poland, and the countries of origin of migrants, while also gaining language skills. We plan to hold at least 1 meeting per month.
  1. Cross-Sectoral Collaboration and Advocacy Efforts:

Participation of representatives of the Ukraine Foundation in at least 18 events per year, promoting cross-sectoral cooperation and increasing the effectiveness of actions for migrants. Specifically, we plan:

  • Participation in meetings with representatives of local government units.
  • Involvement in consortia and coalitions of NGOs working for migrants and refugees.
  • Organization and participation in conferences and panels on migration in Poland.
  • Preparation of recommendations for legislative changes benefiting migrants, including those related to legalizing residence in Poland.
  1. Adaptation and Integration Activities for Different Age Groups:
  • We plan to organize at least 6 adaptation-integration workshops for children and youth within the project – both migrants and members of the host community. Each meeting will involve 10-15 people.
  1. Operation of the Institute of Migrant Rights Infopoint:
  • Provision of informational support and specialized consultations with experts in law, taxation, and vocational activation.

Consultation support will be provided in 4 languages, depending on the needs of foreign nationals contacting IPM: English, Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish, in a stationary or remote form. 

According to the preferences and capabilities of the client, IPM staff will provide advice orally, by email, or by phone. During the project, specialized consultations on law, entrepreneurship, vocational activation, taxes, psychological support, etc., will also be carried out. Their scope will depend on the needs reported by the beneficiaries. During the month, 15 hours of specialist advisory will be provided, which in a year will give 180 hours of consultations in total.

Through the activities within the project, we contribute to building a more open and inclusive society, where migrants can more easily find their place in a new environment, and the local community can benefit from the cultural diversity and experiences of migrants.

Information and integration activities planned as part of the project are carried out in the following locations:

Ukrainian Center of Culture and Development

📍46A Ruska St./201 (4 on the intercom)

Institute of Migrant Rights

46A Ruska St./202 (3 on the intercom)

Refugee Support Center

📍Wrocław Main Railway Station, Piłsudskiego 105 St.

The “Together in Wrocław” project is co-financed by the Municipality of Wrocław.