Top 4 actions to support migrant children__

It is more difficult for a foreigner’s child to adapt to a new environment than for an adult. That is why put a question: what exists for migrant children in Wroclaw to make this adaptation easier? What initiatives support integration and help kids feel home? This article is an attempt to answer the questions above.

Assistants in the field of culture in schools!
Who are they? Young, helpful people who activate children and parents from other countries and encourage them to join school life. Their second task is to make the concept of multiculturalism for Polish children more understandable and to show the differences between them and children from other countries. Assistants are fluent in Ukrainian or Russian, helping them immediately to get to know a foreign child, answer their questions, translate difficult words or just talk at a break. Assistants support children during lessons, help with homework. If the interests of a small foreigner are violated, someone tries to offend or humiliate him then the cultural assistant immediately responds and solves the problem. Within the framework of the project “Integration, Adaptation, Acceptance and Support to Citizens of Third Countries Living in Lower Silesia”, cultural assistants from this year can be found at schools No. 90, No. 50, No. 84, No. 16 in Wroclaw. For more information about their activities, you can contact the secretariats of these schools.

Preparation classes!
What is it? These are specially created classes for foreign children aged from 6 to 19 years old. These classes provide foreign children with more Polish lessons than usually, and training last from 4 to 12 months, depending on much each child needs. Daily communication with peers, enrichment of vocabulary, acquaintance with Polish culture, thematic lessons are tools that will help even every child without stress to prepare for entry into a normal class in a Polish school.
Classes begin in September! For more information, visit

Information Trainings for Teachers and Educational Personnel!
Is it also for children? In fact, yes. Foundation Ukraine makes special training for directors and teachers of educational institutions. This activity is aimed at supporting teachers in the management of multiculturalism and helping them to find a common language with foreign children. At trainings, teachers will learn how to prevent discrimination against migrants at school and effectively manage conflicts on a cross-cultural background. More information on this topic can be found here:

Summer Polish Language  Course for Children, organized by Foundation Ukraine!
Unfortunately, there is no possibility now to apply for the course, it has started on the 15th of July. Intensive study of the Polish language, excursions in Wroclaw, lessons about art, robotics, city games and much more. News about upcoming courses will appear on our site and Facebook page.