We are going back to science together with Foundation Ukraine! In September, the Foundation invites migrants to educational training about the legalization of stay and professional development. You are welcomed to get acquainted with the schedule of seminars in the framework of the educational training “Polan is my place”.


The schedule of seminars “Poland is my place” in September


Autumn is the best time for knowledge, especially when this knowledge is adapted to your needs. Such perfect knowledge is waiting for you in September in the framework of the training for migrants “Poland is my place”. Foundation Ukraine invites to the events called “Resident and a stay permit in DUW”, “Employment agencies. Where not to look for a job?” and “How to choose a successful career?”. Check the schedule of free seminars and reserve a place for yourself. 


10.09 5 pm- 7 pm – the seminar “Resident and a stay permit in DUW” 


Traditionally, we start the month with a seminar about the legalization of stay in Poland for foreigners. Our lawyer will answer all of the important questions about getting the residency permit and the permit for permanent stay:


  • How is DUW currently accepting applications for the permanent stay permit or residency permit?
  • How does the nowadays situation affect the process of issuing these permits?
  • Has the time of waiting for it changed? 
  • What to do if the procedure of permit card stays with no answer from the DUW’s side? 


Pre-registration is obligatory:



The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the labor market upside down. Many people have lost their jobs and currently have a difficult professional situation. We have decided to support migrants on their way to a good job place during these difficult times and to organize free training for those who try to find themselves professionally. 


19.09 4 pm – 6 pm – the seminar “Employment agencies. Where not to look for a job?”


The lawyer of Foundation Ukraine will explain the difference between employment agencies and recruitment agencies, advise about where to look for a job effectively, and draw your attention to the formal points in the contract with such agencies. During the seminar you will get to know: 


  • What are the differences between employment agencies and recruitment agencies?
  • Where on the Internet is better to look for a job?
  • What should you avoid during the job search?
  • Where should you draw your attention during the contract signing with the agency?
  • How to protect yourself from the frauds?


Pre-registration is obligatory:



24.09 5 pm – 6:30 pm – the seminar “How to choose a successful career?”


Our specialist in career advice will answer the important questions about the future of the labor market and will hold special analytical tests that will help to determine the strengths and weaknesses of the participants. During the seminar will be discussed such points as: 


  • Which profession is profitable during the times of COVID-19
  • Professions of the future. Which spheres deserve your attention?
  • Competencies and skills are competitive in the labor market?
  • How to bring to light your strengths and reveal your weaknesses? We will present you with useful tests and questionnaires. 


Pre-registration is obligatory:



Important information:

  1. All of our seminars in the framework of the training PMM are free of charge!
  2. Training is addressed to the citizens of Lower Silesia who are non-EU nationals.
  3. Be aware that the number of places is limited. Pre-registration is obligatory!
  4. The entrance is opened a maximum of 15 min before the beginning of the seminar so that the registration is finished in time.
  5. Participation is possible only if you have with yourself a safety mask that covers your nose and mouth. 
  6. Events are held in Polish in our center CUKR at 46A/201 Ruska street (to enter, press 3 or 4 on the intercom).


Are you interested? If you don’t find the needed information in this article, email us here fami@fundacjaukraina.eu.


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The project “Integration, adaptation, acceptation. Support of the third-country nationals living in Lower Silesia”, co-financed by the Programme of the European Asylum Fund, Migration and Integration, and also by the national budget.