The first results of the campaign “Know, hire, gain”

Activities in the framework of the campaign “Know, hire, gain” has already started! We are very honored to present our first advertising materials that have been implemented since the end of 2019. Our outdoor advertising, radio broadcasting and published articles are actively spreading.  

The aim of the informational campaign “Know, hire, gain” is to form and strengthen the reputation of foreigners as reliable, professional and valuable employees. 

The main idea of the campaign is to contribute to equalization of the possibilities for foreign workers on the Polish labor market such as salary equalization, legalization of stay, the stability of employment, possibilities for personal professional development and workers’ rights. 

Informational campaign during the radio broadcast

Foundation Ukraine, in the cooperation with Radio Wocław from the beginning of February 2020 in the framework of the campaign “Know, hire, gain”, is working on ht series of programs which involve foreign characters who have already settled in Wroclaw, and also the representatives of institutions and organizations who work for the support of migrants and employers who hire foreign workers.

20 audio transmissions on the topic connected to the employment of foreigners

Every radio broadcast which lasts for 10 minutes will be transmitted on average twice a week. The first program is “Foreigners on the labor market of the Lower Silesia: how many migrants work here and who hire them?” You can listen to the broadcast on the Radio Wroclaw wave on the 18th of February at 11.30 am.

The next closest broadcasts are planned on the following dates:

10.03, 24.03, 7.04, 21.04, 5.05, 19.05, 09.06, 23.06 at the same time. 

The campaign on the streets of the Lower Silesia

Every month during the implementation of the campaign WZZ on the main transportation hub of Wroclaw and the Lower Silesia will be presented on the most common forms of outdoor advertising in order to build a positive image of the migrant in the local community.

The first billboard advertising and citylights have been already placed on the streets of Wroclaw and its suburbs. In February, our citylights can be found on the square of Powstańców Śląskich near the National Museum, at a crossroad of the Powstańców Śląskich and Sztabowa streets, at a crossroads of the Wyszyńskiego and Jedności Narodowej streets and Zielińskiego and Szczęśliwej streets. Billboards can also be seen in Świdnica and Jelcz-Laskowice. 

9 migrants from the whole world who successfully build a career in Wroclaw

On the citylights, there are presented the faces of our main members of the campaign – 9 migrants from Ukraine, Turkey, India, China and Kazakhstan who build their successful careers in Wroclaw. Each of them has his or her unique history of creating their professional path, still, they are the same in one thing: their essential competencies and professional skills are high-valued at work regardless of nationality. Exactly such free of stereotypes and prejudice foreign employees we would like to involve in our campaign “Know, hire, gain”. 

Seminars, meetings, and articles in newspapers

Shortly, we are planning to write articles, to go online on the radio, to meet with employers and prepare new advertising materials. Looking forward to implementing all of the planned activities for improving the process of integration in the professional environment for all of the foreigners, including Ukrainian workers as the biggest group of migrants in Poland.

More details about the campaign you can find here: We kindly recommend following news and updates. 

The project “Integration, adaptation, acceptation. Support of the third-country nationals living in Lower Silesia”, co-financed by the Programme of the European Asylum Fund, Migration and Integration, and also by the national budget.