Time for learning! In October, at CUKR, migrants will be able to learn how to expedite the issuance of residence permits, what steps to take when buying a car, and how to write a letter or e-mail effectively. We invite you to acquaint yourself with the schedule of the training cycle «Poland – my place.»

Schedule of seminars “Poland – my place” for October

Within the framework of the series of seminars for migrants «Poland – my place» this month, Foundation Ukraine invites migrants to free events, which will help to quickly solve the formal issues related to the legalization of stay and the obtaining of driving license, as well as training in effective official correspondence. Check out the schedule of free events and book a place.

1.10 5 pm-7 pm – Seminar “How to expedite the issuance of residence permit”

If you are waiting for the resident card for more than 1 month, you need to attend our event with the lawyer of Foundation Ukraine. Remember that the case can always be expedited and compensated for the delay in the proceedings before the Administration of the Voivodship. The following topics will be discussed during the training:

  • What could be done if the process of issuing residence permits was delayed?
  • How to write a reminder in DUW?
  • How to file a complaint in court?
  • When could a complaint be lodged for inaction or excessive length of time?
  • What can be expected from a complaint about inaction or excessive length of proceedings?
  • How much can the court award compensation? What does it depend on?

Previous reservation is obligatory: https://tiny.pl/7pdm5

22.10 5pm-6.30pm – Seminar “Secrets of effective letters and e-mails”

Tired of blushing because of errors in official documents and letters? Do you know how to write a letter in Polish correctly and what phrases to use? If you have business correspondence at work, send emails to teachers or try to get a good job – you must attend a training session! We’ll teach you how to use written communication correctly. During the training, the Foundation’s vocational guidance specialist will explain how to prepare effective correspondence to achieve strategic goals:

  • Types of the letters
  • Schemes of official documents
  • Principles for effective writing
  • How to prepare an e-mail?
  • Common errors and recommendations

Previous reservation is obligatory: https://tiny.pl/7pdtr

29.10 5 pm-7 pm – Seminar “Driving license obtaining and purchase of a car”

The lawyer of Foundation Ukraine will explain from A to Z what steps need to be taken to buy a car in Poland and to get a Polish driving license for foreigners, namely to answer the following questions: 

  • Car purchase and registration in Poland.
  • How do you register a car with the city communications’ division?
  • Polish driving license – how long can a foreigner travel with a foreign driving license?
  • Where and how to change the driving license: what procedure, how long does it take, how much does it cost?

Previous reservation is obligatory: https://tiny.pl/7pdwd

Important details: 

  1. All our seminars are free of charge!
  2. Activities are addressed to third-country nationals (non-EU) living in Lower Silesia.
  3. Meetings are held in Polish!
  4. Mask wearing is obligatory!
  5. Please be there 15 minutes before the event to complete your registration.
  6. Events take place in CUKR at the address of Ruska street, 46A/201 (3 or 4 on the intercom).

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The project “Integration, adaptation, acceptation. Support of the third-country nationals living in Lower Silesia”, co-financed by the Program of the European Asylum Fund, Migration and Integration, and also by the national budget.