Schedule of integration training for July

In July the course “Poland – My Place” transforms into masterclasses and workshops!
Previous classes in the course “Poland – My Place” were held as legal seminars on the topic of legalization of stay, employment, everyday life, etc. In July, we have slightly modified this formula and invited third-country citizens to free video and cooking workshops.

Schedule in July and registration forms for participation:
July 16 from 16:00 to 19:00 Video workshop –
July 20 from 14:00 to 17:00 Cooking workshop –
July 25 from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm Video workshop –
July 25 from 18:00 to 20:30 Cooking Workshop –

  • During the “Video Workshop” meetings, you will learn the rules of composition, the techniques of placing objects in the frame, methods of high-quality video shooting and editing. And later, you can take advantage of the knowledge in practice and make your video and edit it. An additional bonus of this workshop is tips for using in marketing, social media platforms.
    Olena Astakhova, coordinator of the advertising department of Foundation Ukraine, photographer and graphic designer of the organization is a lecturer of those masterclasses. Meetings are suitable for professionals, as well as for those who just begin their video adventure. The language of workshops is English.
  • Master Class “Integration Kitchen” will be nothing more than cooking simple dishes of daily use. In the kitchen of CUKR, we plan to gather a group of interested people and share some culinary secrets. On July 20, the theme of cooking will be a vegetarian breakfast, and on July 25 – a vegetarian dinner. During cooking, we will also focus on environmental issues and the concept of zero waste. The 3-hour seminar will end with a tasting of cooked dishes and a lively discussion.
    The lecturer is  Marcel Majchrzak. The language of the workshop is Polish.
    If you need a translator at any workshop, please email 48 hours before the meeting.
    Pre-registration is required for all masterclasses. Confirmation is sent by e-mail several days before the beginning of the class. On the day of the workshop, please arrive 15 minutes before the meeting to confirm the registration. Please bring your passport and your stay card, if any is available.

Projekt „Integracja, adaptacja, akceptacja. Wsparcie obywateli państw trzecich zamieszkałych na Dolnym Śląsku” współfinansowany jest z Programu Krajowego Funduszu Azylu, Migracji i Integracji oraz budżetu państwa.