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What is volunteering?

Volunteering is a free will, conscious and active work in favour of a particular organisation or the whole society with the aim of self-development. Anyone who feels willingness and energy to help people in need can become a volunteer! Admittedly, the volunteer doesn’t receive any material gratification, however, he benefits from valuable experience that might be utilized in the professional or private life. Moreover, volunteers gain new relationships and unforgettable moments.

The benefits of cooperation with Foundation Ukraine?

Volunteering in the Foundation has its benefits and creates new opportunities. Anyone who joins our team apart from a friendly atmosphere and the volunteer t-shirt can boast about:

  • volunteer agreement and CV references,
  • participation in all of our events and projects for free,
  • Constant self-development and the possibility to pursue your ideas,
  • Cooperation with cool people, experts in their fields,
  • Acquisition of new abilities and competencies,
  • Chance of trying your hand at all Foundation’s departments
  • Unlimited amount of coffee, tea, and sugary snacks!

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Become a volunteer

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In the email suggest the selected option of volunteering:

1. One-time volunteering in a big event,

2. Volunteering in Polish Speaking Club

3. Volunteering in English Speaking Club

4. Accomplishment of your initiative 

Volunteers about their journey with foundation

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