Free state certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language for students of the language course “Let’s mów”  

Thanks to participation in the Polish language course organized by Foundation Ukraine, which is co-financed by the EU, there is the possibility to write the state certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language which costs 170 euro. In the description below you can read more about this exam and how the language course looks like. 


After finishing our Polish language course “Let’s mów”, half of the students have the possibility to write the state certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language. Participants get the certificate, proved by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language, totally for free! Students that can write that exam are chosen based on their high attendance and their results of the final test at the end of the course. 


Why do you need this certificate?

  • The state certificate exam in Polish as a foreign language is the only document that proves your knowledge of Polish.
  • The exam can be written by people, who want to document their Polish language proficiency.
  • The certificate is needed for foreign students, who study in Poland, or foreigners who want to apply to Polish universities.
  • Foreigners, who have this certificate and are planning to study in Poland, are free of obligatory Polish language courses at universities. 


The language course “Let’s mów”

“Let’s mów” is the Polish language course for third-country nationals organized by Foundation Ukraine. From July 2018 to April 2021 there are planned 10 cycles of the language course. One course lasts 3-4 months. All of the participants are divided into 2 groups and each group has 15 people. Every participant is provided with stationery materials, the tutorial and unique materials from teachers. 

Thanks to the received funding, the price of the whole course is distinctly law, only 384 zlotys for 128 hours. It’s only 3 zlotys for 60 min of your studies!


After finishing the course “Let’s mów”, all of the students write an exam of Polish which will help them to evaluate their speaking skills proficiency.  After getting the results of the test, students receive an internal certificate confirming the completion of the course. 

Here you will find more information on how to register for the course: 

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