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In the framework of the project reSTART, in July, Foundation Ukraine presented its new blog PracujINFO where you can find advice about a job search, how to prepare documents for legal work, and information about actual tendencies of the labor market. Why is this blog useful for migrants? Read in this article.

In 2019 in Poland, there have been issued 444,7 work permits for foreigners. So, how can migrants find themselves on the Polish labor market? 

A work – one of the key migration goals of third-country nationals in Poland. Due to the information posted on the website of the Central Statistical Office (GUS), in 2019 in Poland, there have been issued 444,7 thousand work permissions for foreigners. However, there are, of course, migrants who already have unlimited access to the labor market. So, the number of foreign workers has increased. How do they find themselves in the Polish labor market? Where do they can ask for help in case of difficult professional situations or difficult situations? To make that access to the important information about work in Poland for migrants easier, Foundation Ukraine has decided to create the informational portal PracujINFO. 

Thanks to the section INFO NEWS you will be up to date with the fresh news in the labor market and about professional development!

The blog will be useful during the planning of the first and next steps of your professional career, and also during the preparation of documents for the work interview and future employment. Expert articles will help you to make the right career decisions. Moreover, thanks to the section INFO NEWS you will be up to date with fresh news in the labor market and about the professional career. 

On the pages of the blog, you can read about the job fair Career EXPO, where you can find plenty of free seminars devoted to professional development. More info here: Rozwijaj się zawodowo on-line. Konferencja SkillsDay (зробити назву активним посиланням на новину

Moreover, in the blog you can find useful information for working parents in the case, due to the pandemic, kindergartens are closed. By the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, parents of the children up to 8 y.o. could benefit from the welfare allowance connected with the pandemic COVID-19 till July 26. More information in the article: Koniec dodatkowego zasiłku opiekuńczego na dziecko. Co dalej w przypadku zamknięcia przedszkola?(зробити назву активним посиланням на новину 

And of course, in the blog, you will find current rules and restrictions connected with the epidemic – Aktualne przepisy” covidowe ” na Ukrainie i w Polsce a zatrudnienie (зробити назву активним посиланням на новину

Articles of experts PracujINFO will help you to make the right career decision

Despite the news in the blog, you will find expert articles in different fields, including the topic ” Zawirusowany rynek pracy. Jak odnaleźć się zawodowo w czasach pandemii”( ), where you can read how pandemic COVID-19 made employers and employees review their professional strategies, plans, and goals. How the labor market has changed and what it proposes? In which branches recruitment is held and which ones restrict the recruitment process and why there is no point to connect your professional future with them? How to become a needed candidate in today’s complicated labor market? Feel free to get to know the opinion of the professional in the article. 

 Moreover, in the blog, you can get to know detailed information about intermediaries in employment and, also, more information about situations in which it is worth to use the help of agencies. In the article Praca na chwilę. Czy warto szukać pracy za pośrednictwem agencji pracy tymczasowej? ( professional legal advisor will tell how to do that wisely.

 You are very welcome to visit our blog! Look forward to your question about work in Poland which you ask on our social media.