Charity Football Tournament in collaboration with Deviniti__

Implementation period: 01.01.2024 - 30.04.2024

Event Goals and Objectives:

The Charity Football Tournament is an initiative aimed at supporting people affected by the consequences of war in Ukraine by organizing a charity football tournament for companies and non-governmental organizations, along with packing food kits as part of the “Help UA Package” project.

The organization of the tournament represents a continuation of the previous collaboration between Foundation Ukraine and Deviniti – this marks our VI joint charitable initiative under the implementation of the “Help UA Package” project, which began in 2022.

The event is not only set to feature exciting football matches but also family attractions and integrative workshops promoting intercultural cooperation. The winners’ ceremony will serve as an opportunity to honor the dedication and sporting skills of participants while summarizing collective efforts in support of Ukraine.

Through our collective efforts, we aim to achieve several goals simultaneously:

Humanitarian Support

During the tournament, approximately 700 food packages will be collected and prepared for dispatch. The funds amassed through the initiative will be allocated towards purchasing and transporting 1000 food packages for retirees, disabled individuals, and families with children from the most affected regions of Ukraine. This will result in a total of 1700 packages being sent.

Promotion of Corporate Social Responsibility

Participation in the football tournament is an excellent opportunity for companies to engage in promoting volunteerism, building a positive corporate image, and fostering team integration. By supporting this initiative, companies can actively endorse the concept of socially responsible business.

Intersectoral Integration

In addition to promoting physical activity and volunteer culture, the tournament serves as a platform for building relationships among representatives from various sectors – business, non-governmental organizations, and the local community. Through joint sports and charitable activities, the project emphasizes social integration and the creation of a stronger, more integrated community.

Let’s play together for a common goal!

Would you like your company to take part in the tournament? Check our offer in the presentation below and submit your application to the email address:

For questions and event-related proposals, please contact Foundation Ukraine fundraising specialist:

Anastasiia Tur


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The initiative is organized thanks to the financial support of Deviniti Sp. z o.o..