BEE (Battle for Ethnic Equality)__

Implementation period: 01.02.2022 - 31.01.2024

Key Project Activities:

The BEE project (Battle for Ethnic Equality), launched as part of the international Erasmus+ program, is aimed at active young people willing to promote diversity and combat discrimination. The project includes 3 international mobilities: in Poland, Italy, and Turkey.

Within the BEE  project, participants will explore:

  • THEATER as a tool for integration in Wrocław (Poland, October 2022);
  • SPORT as a tool for integration in Milan (Italy, May 2023);
  • ART as a tool for inclusion in Karasu (Turkey, October 2023).

The first integrative meeting under the project took place in Wrocław and was dedicated to theater. 30 young people from three countries – Poland, Italy, and Turkey had the opportunity to participate in interesting initiatives while simultaneously learning about other cultures, customs, and nationalities. During the four days, participants created 4 mini-plays representing the theme of social equality and learned the method of integration through acting.

The second mobility took place in Milan. Its goal was to adopt the experiences of the hosting organization (PlayMore) in integrating socially excluded individuals through sports activities. During the trip, employees of Foundation Ukraine and representatives of various youth communities in Wrocław, together with representatives from Turkey and Italy, took part in an integrative sports marathon, learned about the working methods of PlayMore, and exchanged experiences in conducting international projects and initiatives integrating migrants and refugees with the host country’s society.

We are looking forward to the third international mobility, “ART as a tool for inclusion”, which will take place in Turkey in October this year!

The BEE Projekt ToolKit

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