Building Bridges 4Ukraine__

Implementation period: 04.12.22 - 30.04.2023

The guiding idea of the project is to strengthen ties between the Polish and German communities and support the integration of Ukrainian refugees in both countries. The implementation of the project involves achieving specific objectives, outlined below:

Integration of Migrants:

The project aims to support the integration process of Ukrainian refugees in Poland and Germany. Through participation in various activities, courses, meetings, and exchange of experiences, the project helps migrants adapt more easily to their new environment and society.

Strengthening Polish-German Cooperation:

Within the project, we build bridges between Poland and Germany, facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and cooperation in the field of migrant integration. These actions also aim to strengthen relations between the two countries.

Raising Social Awareness:

The project focuses on educating the host society on issues related to migration and integration. This aims to promote understanding and acceptance of migrants and their contribution to culture and society.

Development of Recommendations:

The project aims to develop specific recommendations and a long-term strategy for cooperation in the context of migrant integration and the future shape of Europe in terms of peace and intercultural understanding.

Promoting Dialogue and Mutual Understanding:

The project’s purpose is to build a better future through dialogue, cooperation, and mutual understanding between different nations and cultures.

Main Activities in the Project:

  • A series of mutual visits between Polish and German delegations in 2023, focusing on migrant integration.
  • Discussions and meetings with representatives of politics, society, and organizations involved in migrant integration in both countries.
  • Exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as discussion of long-term Polish-German cooperation strategies.
  • Online meetings to prepare for study visits and exchange of information.


  • Strengthening relations between Poland and Germany through dialogue and cooperation.
  • Supporting the integration of Ukrainian refugees in both countries.
  • Development of recommendations for future cooperation between Poland, Germany, and Ukraine, as well as the shape of Europe in the context of peace and intercultural understanding.
  • Promoting the idea of building bridges between nations and creating a better future through dialogue and mutual understanding.

The project was implemented in partnership with Info-Forum-Polregio under the grant “Bridges of the Future. Poland and Germany for Ukraine” funded by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany.