Safe Space – Foundation de France__

Implementation period: 05.09.22-31.07.23

Key Project Activities:

In light of the full-scale Russian aggression against Ukraine, millions of families with children have been forced to leave their homes. Many of these individuals will never be able to return to their homes, as they have been partially or completely destroyed or occupied. In addition to the necessity of packing their entire lives into one suitcase and leaving for an unknown place, many people have lost their sense of home and family.

The Safe Space project, led by Foundation Ukraine, aims to provide internally displaced persons in Ukraine with temporary housing (a so-called “shelter”) located at the Art Hostel “Adrenalin” in the city of Lutsk, Ukraine, which will provide them with a semblance of home that has been brutally taken away from them.

Currently, the shelter is home to over 140 individuals, including 35 children. All residents of “Safe Space” come from frontline cities such as Sloviansk, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, and other areas where active military actions are conducted daily and without interruption. Foundation Ukraine provides care for the shelter’s residents together with project partners, the Public Organization “Technopark” Center for Medical Innovation, providing everything necessary in this exceptional situation.

Specifically, we provide the following to displaced individuals:

  • Equipped beds in an open space covering an area of 1000 square meters and separate hostel rooms;
  • Three warm meals a day;
  • Laundry services for bedding and clothing;
  • Humanitarian aid: clothing, footwear, personal hygiene products;
  • Art therapy at the Korsakiv Museum of Contemporary Ukrainian Art;
  • Psychological, legal, and social support.

As part of the project, we have equipped our shelter with a generator and cooking facilities (previously cooking was done on an open fire). We have also created a learning space for children so that they can continue their education in comfortable conditions.

The shelter also has a bomb shelter, which is used by over 200 people during air raids. To ensure that the residents of “Safe Space” feel safe in the event of an air raid, it is necessary to renovate the shelter. Unfortunately, we are unable to cover all the costs associated with renovating the shelter on our own. We need your help!

We invite you to support the “Safe Space” fundraiser, the goal of which is to improve the condition of the bomb shelter to make it more comfortable for the adults and children staying there, specifically by undertaking the following actions:

  • Filling the floors with concrete;
  • Reinforcing walls and load-bearing beams;
  • Plastering and painting walls;
  • Creating a second emergency exit;
  • Purchasing furniture necessary for comfortable functioning.

One of the safest places for a person is their home. Unfortunately, shelter residents do not have the opportunity to feel safe, which is why we appeal for support for the fundraiser to renovate the shelter located on its premises. Such a shelter can save lives during a bombing attack.

Support our fundraiser and help rebuild the bomb shelter – everyone needs a safe space!

The Safe Space project was co-financed by the Fondation de France organization.