European Solidarity Corps 2022  (ESC)__

Implementation period: 01.01.2022 - 31.08.2023

Foundation Ukraine has participated multiple times in the ESC project, offering volunteers the opportunity to try their hand in various fields. After several editions of the project, the Foundation had the pleasure of collaborating with 14 ambitious volunteers from Ukraine, Lithuania, Czech Republic, and Georgia. The ability to work in a team, learn from organization members, the opportunity to obtain a certificate, and participation in international conferences are the benefits of being a volunteer at Foundation Ukraine.

In 2022, the Foundation welcomed 4 volunteers to its activities as part of the project.

Project Objective:

The European Solidarity Corps is one of the largest projects under the Erasmus+ program, supported by the European Commission. Its main goal is to provide people aged 18-30 with opportunities for self-development through volunteering in different countries. European volunteering offers a chance to experience a different culture and mentality, build a broad network of contacts for the future, and work on personal growth.

The project allows young people to engage in local initiatives and participate in volunteering projects that benefit communities across Europe. The project is aimed at both youth and companies, organizations, and institutions operating in the solidarity sector.

Key Project Activities:

  • Employment of 4 volunteers to support the activities and social initiatives of the Ukraine Foundation.
  • Transfer and exchange of experiences between Foundation staff and volunteer participants.
  • Learning the basics of work in non-governmental organizations (NGOs), with a particular focus on working with migrants and refugees.
  • Organization of adaptation and integration events for adults and children.


  • Supporting young people in engaging in social and volunteer activities.
  • Strengthening the solidarity sector through the participation of companies, organizations, and institutions in the project.
  • Developing volunteers’ competencies, especially in the field of working with migrants and refugees.
  • Creating and supporting social initiatives that benefit local communities in Europe.
  • Increasing awareness and skills of Foundation Ukraine staff and volunteers in the field of NGO work.
  • Community integration, organization of adaptation and integration events that contribute to understanding and cooperation between different age groups.

The project was financed by the European Solidarity Corps.