Winter House – BNY Melon__

Implementation period: 01.01.22 - 31.03.2023

Key Project Activities:

The project enabled the provision of temporary accommodation in the center of Wrocław for Ukrainian refugees who were forced to flee since February 24, 2022, decided to settle in Poland. The temporary stay in the hotel allowed the refugees to feel a sense of partial stability, giving them the opportunity to focus on other aspects of their lives. By giving basic needs such as accommodation and meals, the project helped refugees recover from the initial shock and focus on coping with the new reality they currently find themselves in.

As part of the project, we signed a cooperation agreement with a hotel that had previously gained experience in hosting people from Ukraine in March 2022, ensuring that the refugees would have a dignified and safe haven.

In addition to accommodation, people were provided with meals, specifically catering, which delivered breakfasts and hot dinners every day. Most of the refugees staying at the hotel were mothers with young children or elderly people, and for their comfortable stay, washing machines, refrigerators, kettles, and microwaves were provided.

The project implementation was the responsibility of the Refugee Support Center (RSC) operated by Foundation Ukraine. We are proud that we could help many people in need and provide them with a safe place to stay and recover from.

The Winter House project was funded by BNY Mellon.