Festive workshop from CUKR – let’s go deep into a Christmas fairy tale

In December, our CUKR turned into a real holiday workshop. Every Saturday, our creative magician Anna Kharitonova conducted online masterclasses on creating Christmas decorations within the project “Integration Program Ruska 46 III”. We would like to share with you the pieces of master class participants!

December can worthily be called the most magical month of the year – the whole world is preparing for Christmas and New Year holidays, favorite themed music is playing around, the streets are decorated with Christmas lights, and the smell of holiday baking from every home. This atmosphere inspires everyone for creativity and the desire to decorate their homes. That is why our team, led by a specialist in fine arts Anna Kharitonova, decided to create for you a series of masterclasses dedicated to preparing for the holidays and hand-made work. Thus, at the end of the year, our cultural center turned into a real holiday workshop!

The course of online masterclasses “Holiday workshop”

Within the project, four thematic master classes were held on the Zoom platform, where participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the festive atmosphere and create their set of Christmas decorations for the house, which gave houses a real holiday atmosphere!

Masterclasses were held every Saturday at noon. The first 20 registered participants for each event received from our team a free set of all necessary materials to participate in the masterclass. The materials were provided through partial funding from the Municipality of Wrocław under the Ruska 46 III Integration Program project.

How our workshop went?

The first masterclass was “Christmas tree toy” on December 5 at noon. Participants created their own Christmas tree decoration in the technique of decoupage, using Christmas napkins and a round shape made of foam or wood.

The following Saturday, December 12, at noon, the second online masterclass “Christmas Candle” took place, where participants decorated candles with the help of dried oranges, cones, ribbons and artificial berries. Below in the gallery you can see what wonderful candles you participants made!

Next week, on December 19, at noon on Christian St. Nicholas Day, our participants decorated their home with a Christmas wreath, which they created at our master class with a variety of decor materials, dried citrus, cinnamon, ribbons, berries and Christmas tree branches.

At the end of the year and the series, on December 26, the participants of masterclasses had the opportunity to create with their own hands the main attribute of the New Year holidays – a decorative Christmas tree. For this we needed: a foam base of the appropriate shape, cones, sisal, ribbons, a little creative inspiration and a festive mood. 

Check the talent of our participants below!

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Totally, more than 80 people took part in the series of master classes “Holiday Workshop”. Thank you for your interest, perseverance and creativity! We invite you to follow our events so that you will not to miss the next creative events in 2021. We wish everyone a festive mood and a wonderful New Year’s weekend!

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