How does Lower Silesia deal with its migrant issues?

In the Ukrainian Center of Culture and Development representatives of the authorities, business and society will meet to exchange experiences and explore solutions for current problems.

The first pilot edition of ForUM (For Ukrainian Migrants)took place in 2017. This conference was one of the driving forces to improve the electronic booking system for visits at Lower Silesia Voivode’s Office (Dolnośląski Urząd Wojewódzki), to start the initiatives supporting migrants, such as information point for migrants (InfoCUKR), which operates every day, and Polish language courses for “Let`s mów” as well as educational lectures “Poland – my place”.
This Year ForUM (For Unity of Migrants) sets out to work on problems of all the migrants. The new title –For Unity of Migrants is to represent a platform for multicultural cooperation in the Lower Silesian region that reach such key goals. as:

  • Presentation and summary of all activities beneficial for the integration of migrants and multicultural society development in Lower Silesian cities and municipalities;
  • Problems identification related to migrants and development of a strategy not only to solve current problems but also to prevent difficulties connected to the future migrations.
  • Establishing long-term cooperation in migrants integration at the local and regional levels.

The event will take place at the end of March 2019. More details soon.