Let’s mów in Polish with Foundation Ukraine!


 “Let`s Mów” is a series of Polish language courses organized by the Foundation Ukraine for сitizens of non-EU countries. The course lasts an average of 3-4 months. Participants are separated into the one of two 15-person groups. Each participant gets the necessary materials for learning – stationery, a book and author’s tasks from teachers. The schedule of classes is formed individually for each course from the cycle, based on the desired days and hours specified by the participants in the registration questionnaire, according to the possibility.

IMPORTANT! In the case that restrictions on events involving more than 5 people will not be lifted, the course will be conducted online.

6 editions

128 hours/one course

c. 15 students in each group

3 zł/hour


Internal Certificate

Thanks to the grant, for a complete 128 hour course you are to pay only 384 zł. Therefore, one academic hour costs merely 3 zł!

Recruitment criteria


  • Belonging to the target group (citizens of countries from outside the EU that stays legally
    on the territory of Poland)


  • The date of filling in an online questionnaire for the selection of participation of the course (to complete the registration you must come to the CUKR office at the Ruska 46A/201 St. and to sign a statement on participation in participant registration hours


  • An additional criterion: affiliation of groups requiring a special attitude (such as sacrificing torture or rape or other serious forms of psychological, physical or sexual violence or abuse in these areas, individuals who require immediate care or treatment of diseases, one of the parents who independently educates a minor child).



Rules of recruitment and participation



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