Let’s mów in Polish with Foundation Ukraine!

It is Polish language courses organised by Foundation Ukraina for third country citizens. In the period from July 2018 till April 2021 we have planned 10 sessions of courses. The duration of session is 3-4 months. The participants study in 15 person groups. Everyone gets materials for efficient and comfortable learning. (Workbook, original and specifically tailored exercises form teachers. The study schedule is planned individually for every group depending on days and hours students chose in a survey.

It is you, who decides when the lessons will occur!

Free entry to the state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language for the best students

Every session of courses “Let’s mów” ends with a Polish language exam, which verifies received language competencies. After the results are announced, everyone will get an internal certificate, confirming the end of the course.

For the best students we prepared little surprise. The half of participants will have an opportunity to enter the state certificate examinations in Polish as a foreign language. All will receive the certificate, authorised by the State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a Foreign Language completely free of charge! These finest will be chosen basing on internal exam results and attendance.

Possibility of getting a certificate of Polish as a foreign language, levels from A1 to C2, flexibly schedule, interactive lessons, conducted by experienced teachers and satisfied graduates – that’s how we can describe in short our Polish language courses for foreigners “Let’s Mów”.

Rules for participation in the course Let’s mów and criteria for selecting candidates

10 editions

128 hours/one course

c. 15 students in each group

3 zł/hour



Thanks to the grant, for a complete 128 hour course you are to pay only 384 zł. Therefore, one academic hour costs merely 3 zł!

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