The unique offer of online events of Foundation Ukraine

If migrants cannot come to Foundation Ukraine, then Foundation Ukraine will come to them! Check on the offer of educational and integration events online organized by Foundation Ukraine. Legal advice and consultations with the psychologist, language clubs, workshops, concerts and a number of other interesting events available for every migrant from all over Poland. We are not limited by borders anymore!


Foundation Ukraine tries to support migrants even during the quarantine period. We do not stop our activities, only moving it to the Internet, to keep all of the recommendations for a safe connection during the pandemic of coronavirus in Poland and all around the world.  


Several of the proposed online initiatives include consultations, informational, legal and psychological seminars for migrants from the cycle of webinars, online masterclasses, virtual meetings of language clubs, live translations of Yoga and Zumba, and many other offers in the course “Poland is my place”.  


Additionally, Foundation Ukraine started its own YouTube channel, where we share useful videos about relevant topics for migrants nowadays. Moreover, we presented a new set of activities “The Cultural April on the couch” which are conducted online on the Instagram profile of the Center of Ukrainian culture and development. 


Informational help for migrants remotely


From the middle of March, our Infopoint CUKR remotely provides consultations during the normal working hours, i.e. on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 am to 2 pm and on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 2 pm to 8 pm. Contact us by phone: 571330203 and by email:  


Consultations with specialists of Foundation Ukraine are also possible during live transmissions on Instagram: The lawyer of Foundation Ukraine makes transmissions every Monday at 6 pm, and our psychologist goes live on Instagram every Wednesday at 6 pm.

Follow our Instagram page and join discussions during live transmissions.


What is more, Foundation Ukraine started its own YouTube channel where you can find videos with bits of advice from the psychologist about how to keep our mental health stable during the time of new restrictions, and videos about administrational and legal changes from the lawyer of Foundation Ukraine:  


Webinars about relevant topics for migrants 


In April, in the course “Poland is my place” in the framework of the project FAMI will be conducted free webinars on the following topics: 


April 14th at 4:30 pm – “A contract of employment and a mandatory agreement: pros and cons”

Registration form:


April 17th at 5 pm – “How to increase your chances on the labor market?”

Registration form:


April 22nd at 5 pm – “What is going on with my documents: how do governing authorities work during the period of the pandemic?” 


April 24th at 5 pm – “How to submit a PIT tax return from step by step?”

Registration form:


All of the online seminars are free and are conducted on the platform Zoom. To download the application go here: You are very welcomed to take part! 


Spend time at home productively with Foundation Ukraine


Our “sports weekend” will take care of your physical health, increase the immune system and a positive mood. Every Saturday at 11 am on Zoom will be made online transmissions of Yoga in the framework of the project “Integration program Ruska 46A II” co-financed by the Wrocław municipality.   

Every Sunday, in the framework of the project “Get Involved” at 11 am will be made a Zumba training. After the cycle of training on April 26th, there is planned first in the history of Foundation Ukraine online flash-mob “Zumba dance”. Details about the event and link for the registration is in the event calendar on the Facebook page of Foundation Ukraine:


Virtual classes of language clubs


Nowadays, in the framework of the project “reStart”, there are 2 language clubs: Polish Speaking Club and English Speaking Club. Virtual meetings are held twice a week on Zoom. You can join them at any time.


The current schedule of meetings, which are held every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 pm, and also the registration link for transmissions of the Polish Speaking Club can be found on our Facebook page:


Also, on the Facebook page: you can also find the schedule and the registration link to the meetings of the English Speaking Club which are held on Mondays at 9 pm and Thursdays at 6 pm. 

Join our clubs and remember about previous registration. The number of places is limited! 


Cultural April on the couch – the bang of the cultures on Instagram


Among the “Cultural April on the couch” events, Foundation Ukraine has prepared something unique! Online concerts, tenants’ musical evenings, meetings with writers, publishers, journalists, and also weekly seminars for the whole family are waiting for you. And all of these you can find laying on your couch checking our Instagram page:  


Below you can find the live schedule for a current month:


Tuesday, April 14th at 5 pm – Online concert of Ukrainian band “Gutsul Calipso”


Thursday, April 16th at 5 pm – the literary meeting with Oleksii Bobrovnikov, reading the book “countries of Georgia. In search of the treasure of wolves.”


Friday, April 17th at 5 pm – The Easter manufactory “Easter Egg decoupage” on Zoom.



Tuesday, April 21st at 5 pm – tenants musical concert of Sasha Bulia


Thursday, April 23rd at 5 pm – reading the almanac MONO with Roman Malynovski


Friday, April 25th at 1 pm – “Drawing the coffee” workshop



Tuesday, April 28th at 5 pm – tenants musical concert of Yurii Zhuravel, the frontman of the “OT VINTA” band


Thursday, April 30th at 5 pm – “7 tips of modern Ukrainian literature” together with Svitlana Pryvalova 


All of the events are free. For art masterclasses, a previous registration is needed. We kindly invite you to spend cultural time together with Foundation Ukraine laying on your couch!


Keep informed about the events of Foundation Ukraine!


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