Winter Polish Language Course

Holidays are not only time to relax, but also an opportunity to learn Polish and break language barriers!


Foundation Ukraine announces the recruitment of foreign pupils to the Winter Polish Language Course, a goal of which is to get familiar with the polish language, break language barriers, prepare for studying at schools of Wroclaw as well as integration.


Courses will take place from the 28th January till the 1st February and from 4th February till 8th February 2019.
As part of the project, there will be held lections, animations and language games, integration lessons also. Lessons have a purpose to help in mastering the Polish language at the elementary level (A0/A1). An auxiliary language of the course is English.


In Ukrainian Center of Culture and Development, lectors will take care of children and youth, creating conditions for learning Polish and further education of the language at school. Course is referring to foreign pupils and those, who communicate in the English language.


The precedence have pupils, who started education in polish school in school in the years 2018 or 2019. It is planned to launch the following age groups: years 7 – 11 and years 12 – 15. Groups will have from 5 to 8 persons. One person can take part in maximum one course of 20 hours. Particular course group will be launched only if minimum amount of participants are collected.


Total price for the participation for one candidate is 100 PLN, that is used by organiser to cover food costs and other additional expenses during the course.

Registration may be done until the 17th of January of the year 2019, participation will be possible after registration and qualification of candidate to specific group based on the course criteria .


Terms and conditions of the winter polish language cours for children and youth are available here: Terms

The number of places is limited due to the size of the group.


We invite you to register by filling out an electronic form here: Form


Candidates will be informed about the next steps by email by January 18, 2018.

Course is cofinanced by Municipality of Wroclaw.