What is ForUM?

FORUM is a platform for multicultural cooperation at the level of the Lower Silesian region, a meeting place for representatives of local governments and institutions, business and society from various cities and municipalities of Lower Silesia to publicize activities for migration and development of a multicultural society, exchange experiences, as well as identify problems and develop methods for their solutions and countermeasures.

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Goals of the conference

Identification of problems related to migrants, their adaptation, integration and acceptance; developing strategies not only to solve current problems, but also processes to prevent problems related to future migration, starting from the level of municipalities and cities to the entire province (systemic changes and processes)

Understanding the experiences and needs of other municipalities and cities in order to initiate the process of creating a migration policy at the local and regional level/creating a foundation for local governments and voivodships to develop solutions tailored to their cities in the field of multicultural society management (migration strategy at the local level)

Initiating and starting cyclical long-term activities to improve the processes of adaptation of migrants in Lower Silesia, as well as their integration with the host society

Establishing long-term cooperation of various entities in the area of ​​integration at the local and regional level

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