In a recent FAMI project, Foundation Ukraine is conducting free trainings for teachers and managers of educational institutions. These actions are meant to strengthen the integration process between students and counteract discrimination in school environment. 20 different meetings are planned for more than 250 people. Each training lasts 4 or 5 hours and are lead by experienced trainers with a multicultural background.

To participate in trainings, one should be either teacher, psychologist, school principal or other educational staff representative. The process of registration is conducted via e-mail.

The thematic range of the seminars

is adjusted to the schools’ needs. It encompasses the most important aspects connected to the integration and adaptation of foreigners:


  • how to work with a multinational class
  • ways to counteract discrimination
  • cultural adaptation process
  • psychological and development
    conditions of foreign children


At the end of the course, all the participants are granted the certificates of completion.


For primary school teachers

we prepare additional methodical materials for effective education and integration in multicultural classes. These action-ready scenarios of classes can be used during lectures.

Our seminars will help to find answers for questions of how successfully counteract discrimination in schools and effective conflict management, caused by cultural differences.

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